Any reason not to add Moly to Rotella 15w-40?

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
I changed the oil and filters on my old truck. Bought 12 gallons of Rotella since I couldn't find any $1/gallon delo. Was thinking of adding that Valvoline synpower stuff or possibly the Torco stuff? Should I or not worry about it?
Because Rotella-T is fine the way it is. Adding more additives to it won't necessairly make it better, as the additive pack must be well-balanced. More of one element may not have a positive benefit at all.
I've known several O/O that use 1 gal. Lucas oil additive every oil change. One has an old Volvo w/Cummins engine and has close to one million miles on the original engine.
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