Any one tried the Valvoline Maxlife

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Sorry folks just read that Valvoline Rebate might be some fraud...didn't realize to mislead anyone.
My 96 Subaru Outback had about 150,000 miles on it when I decided to start using this. My car definitely fits the profile for this oil. (I really don't know what was used before because I typically took it to Suddenlube type places.) At my first DIY change, I used Maxlife 5w30, then went up to 10w30 for 3 or 4 subsequent changes. Anyhoo, as is typical of many Subaru engines, there is a good bit of ticking noise. Piston slap or lifter ticking ... hard to pick which, I suppose. Anyhoo, instead of just after startup until warmup, this ticking had gotten louder and more frequent (as in CONSTANT) over the last few months. I was fearing issues with pistons and valves and such.

Last week I was due an OCI and I decided to try another oil, just for gits and shiggles. I put in "plain old" Castrol GTX 10w30 that was on sale for $1.44/qt at the local Advance Auto. The first couple of days thereafter, there was still some ticking, but it was lessening. By the third day (and still going after a week ... fingers crossed) the ticking is GONE. The only thing different from tick to no tick is this change of oil brand/type.

So, for what it's worth, that's my experience with MaxLife.
Bill, use the search feature of this forum. Just use the word "Maxlife" and you'll find plenty of discussion. Of course some of us have tried this oil ... as well as other brands of this same type.

--- Bror Jace
I run the 10W-30 in my new 2002 Camaro and like it (3.8L V6). Im about to change to the 10W-40 though to see if I can improve on my wear numbers.

It's a good valvoline oil IMO, I've not had any problems with it, and my wear numbers last time were definitely fine even though the car was still breaking in. I will continue to run it because $10 oil changes are good for me, and I know its partially synthetic and stays in grade during my OCI's.
I had a great UOA on my pickup with the 10w40 Maxlife for 3000 miles. Lab said it would be good to run to 4500 miles. My motorhome beat on some 10w30 Maxlife for 4400 miles and it held up well. Both UOAs are on this site.
My decrepit '87 Astro work van (4.3L, 125k)is noticably quieter and burns less oil with Max Life 10w-30. No puff of blue out the tailpipe on start-up like there is with almost everything else I've used.
Have a 1989 s-10 2-wd Blazer 4.3 liter, with 153,000 miles. Was a Havoline user and OCI every 3000. At about 110,000, started to smoke when you first start it. About a year ago, I started using Max Life 10w-30 and have noticed a big improvement. There is no smoke when I start it and motor seems to like it.
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