Any one ever use Pep Boys Futura brand tires?

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I had a set of those called Super Sport I think. I didn't keep them long because dry and wet traction was so poor. Replaced them with Mastercraft which was a very good tire.
I owned two sets and was very happy with them. I don't recall the brand but I know they were speed rated and slightly more in price than their cheaper ones. I don't see a reason to use another brand at this time. Mine served me well.
My wifes Integra had Futura tires and on one tire, the threads started to separate from within (similar to Firestone thread separation). Spend a little more $$ and get a BF Goodrich tire. The tires only had 15,000 miles on them [Confused] and luckily the tire did not blow up at highway speeds. I replaced all the Futura tires after seeing the large 'bump' on the tire. When it comes to tires......quality does matter.
My Dad has used Futar truck tires their best ones and he did not have any issues other then noise. I belive the Futura's are made in Germany. Like anything you do get what you pay for to a degree but at some point you are paying a lot more for marketing. BFGoodrich tires are great at what they are designed for but have really poor tread wear in real life. I used to use the Desert Duelers a lot and they never lasted long! I like Goodyears truck tires the least. THey tend to be very stiff and hard and have a hard compound that is poor for wet tration. For Desert and Mud work I like BFG because they still ride decent and the noise is not to bad. THey also still function on the street.. If tire life and good all weather HWY traction is needed then Michilines are great. If you want extrem off road traction Micky Thompsons and Swappers are the way to go. If price is a real barrier I have had good results with Sears brand. I have heard good thinngs about the P Scorpions but have not used any. I have had two sets of Goodyear Wranglers from Sam's club due to the price with mounting and ballanceing being under $50 a tire. WHile they gave good tread life they had poor wet and dry traction. I had to rotate every 3000 miles and they still had wear issues that could not be corrected with air pressure adjustments. The tread design was agressive enough in appearance but failed to self clean.
I have a set of Futuras on the rear of my Dakota that seem to be doing well. They're marketed as truck tires but still begin with a "P" not "LT". The previous owner bought them and paid $50 apiece in 205/70/15. They hold their balance and air, and perform tolerably in snow, rain, and dry. I can't judge mileage though; they've only been in my hands for 3500 miles.
I had Futura Ultra Z's on my Mustang for a while, and I thought they were great tires. Really gripped and handled well. I am 100% sure that Ultra Zs were made by Cooper tire in the US, and I am 99% sure that other Futuras are made by cooper.
JustinH, I go to to get my tires and I could get them cheaper than if I went to Tire Kingdom or anywhere here in FL. Plus alot of times have tires that are being 'discontinued' and you get an awesome deal on tires, cause they are trying to get rid of inventory. [Cool]
I've known a few f-body owners who tried the Ultra Zs and found them to be pretty decent tires. They won't hook up as well as a drag radial or anything like that, but people have cut some 2.0 60fts with them.
I bought four of the Challenger GTH 215/65/HR15 when I saw them on closeout at a very low price. They are made by Cooper, are very quiet, handle well in wet and dry weather, and required very little weight to balance (I have my own mounting / balancing equipment). I haven't had them long so I don't know what tread life will be like, but I don't really care. I liked them well enough to buy a set of the four for $100 tires to put on an occasional use S-10 pickup. I don't know who makes those, and I haven't mounted them yet, so have no opinion on them. They could be junk. Normally you get what you pay for, but when these go on sale, they are a good value.
yeah they are junk. My father thought it was a good idea to put it on his beater paint van. Its a caravan, and he was really serious about checking the air pressure and rotating properly, and all four tires still developed a bump in the sidewall, and they wore terrible. Get your tires from tirerack, most everything they sell on there is a good name. JH
(I have my own mounting / balancing equipment).
What sort of balancing equipment do you have? If static balancer, do you find that you get decent results for highway use (~75mph)?
I put a set on my Chrysler 300M last year and they are 100% better than the Goodyear Eagle LS tires that came on it from the factory. I spent over $100 dollars trying to get the vibrations out of the Goodyear tires, to no avail—they are simply junk. (Which is one of the reasons Chrysler went to Michelin Pilots as std equipment on later models.) The 17 inch Futura tires that fit my Chrysler are made by Cooper and offer a very affordable alternative to the more expensive brands available in the size to fit the 300M (225/55-R17).
[/QUOTE]What sort of balancing equipment do you have? [/QUOTE] I have a Coats 5060 tire changing machine, and a 1004 dynamic balancer.
I stuck a set on my old Toyota truck and ran em for over 30k with no problems, till I traded her in. [ June 01, 2004, 09:26 PM: Message edited by: Swift ]
I've used a couple sets of Futura-Z and the Futura "touring" with good results. I had a belt break in the touring but then I've had belts break on $150.00/per tire GoodYears also. PepBoys replaced the Futura at no charge. A manager at PepBoys told me that Kelly-Springfield and Cooper make some of their tires. True or not I don't know.
Almost all, if not all, Futura tires are made by Cooper. Since discovering them, I've replaced OEM tires with Futura's on all of my vehicles, and most of my family's vehicles. Without exception they have been at least as good as the tires they replaced (often much better), and at about half the price, and with a tread wear warranty! Independent testing and ratings have confirmed my subjective opinions that these are very good, but not the absolute best tires. For example, I will be replacing the OEM Goodyear Wrangler ATS on my Avalanche with Futura's, rather than Bridgestone Duellers AT-Revo's, because the Futura's match the performance of the Revo's (generally regarded as the very best tire for the Avalanche) except for only having 95% of the wet grip , but for about half the price and with a 70,000 treadwear warranty. BTW the Futura's exceed the performance of the OEM tires in every category.
Futura i believe are made by Fulda.. a German tire company.. but the Futura ones are made in Taiwan.. i had some of these on my Daewoo.. there ugly but there durable
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