Any one burn waste in there Diesel?

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Feb 24, 2005
eastern NewMexico
Any one here try cutting these with Diesel?
Used motor oil
Used hydraulic fluic
Used ATF fluid
Gasoline, hey in some places it's a lot cheaper then diesel.
Or any comb of?
I have not tried cutting gasoline with any thing yet in my diesel. But I plain to.
I have poured ATF in one of my diesel tractors - like one quart to five gallons of diesel. Didn't seem to hurt anything. I've thought of using used oil as well and have heard of others doing this, but haven't done it myself yet. I would like to first be able to filter out most of the "gunk" before I pour it in the fuel tank. I know the fuel filter would pick up all the trash, but fuel filters are 22 dollars each.
hone eagle - do you try to filter the used oil or do you just pour it in straight? If un-filtered, how long do your fuel filters last? What's your mixture? (How many gallons of fuel to how many quarts of used oil).
Better yet, post you engine, your mixture and what happened.
Like greecguy uses less then 5% ATF in his tractor.
In my 1984 chevy 6.2L diesel...
I have used around 10% used hydaulic fluid.
I have also used around 5% filtered motor oil.
No real difference compaired to 100% No.2
Now when I dumped in enough SVO to make the fuel in my fuel tank around 25% SVO my truck ran smoother and smelled like hot vegetable oil.
Next I want to try more SVO and maybe some gas mixed in to thin out the other 2.
Down here, home brand motor oil is $7 for 4 litres, while Diesel is $1.50 per litre.

It's getting near viable to run on SF engine oil.
people n the mercedes community have run used motor oil before without issue. They do play it safe and dilute well!

ATF is an old wive's tale fuel additive. I belive truckers used t utilize it a lot for keping things (supposedly) clean.

I did fill my spin-on fuel filter with cheap ATF when replacing it, but ive never run anything but biodiesel or WVO in mine... The ash scares me away from doing motor oil...

When your doing this you should have a good oil filter. I use a purlator pure one. It is a $10 filter but it stops down to 7 micron.
I want an amsoil EA ($15) that catches 5 micron junk.
I think that the antiware addtivies could be good for the fuel injection system.
Tractor's I'm using are:
1965 Case 530 four cylinder diesel.
1965 Case 730 four cylinder diesel.

It's the 530 that I poured the ATF in. Like I said, one quart to five gallons of fuel more or less, (I wasn't exact in my measurements). I noticed no effects either good or bad. The ATF I used was some very old stuff I found in the back of my Dad's barn. Cardboard "cans" with metal tops no less. Two gallons of Dextron II "Sears" brand. Therefore, while it was "old" it had never been in a transmission so no wear metals or "trash." However, I'm going to have some "used" stuff pretty soon as I plan on changing ATF on my truck, my daughter's car and my wife's car in about two weeks. If what you guys say is true, I should be able to "boost" the mixture to 10 percent.
As a side note - I have also burned Marvel's Mystery Oil, (one quart to five gallons) in this same tractor. Tractor seems to run better, smoother and stronger when I use the MMO. Could be because the solvents are more "explosive." I don't know. By the way, I am using number 2 off road diesel.

Shannow - Regarding cost of fuel verses motor oil - never thought of that - the local dollar store is clearing out their 30 weight ND motor oil for 50 cents a quart. That's two bucks a gallon. Right now in these parts, (Central Florida), I'm paying $2.35 for off road diesel for my tractors. Hummmmm - looks like a trip to the dollar store today!

While I'm rambling, I've tried the rope method of filtering my used oil for this very purpose. The oil climbs the rope to the top of the loop and then stops. I've let it sit there for months on end and it will not go any farther. What am I doing wrong?
Gasoline is every thing a good diesel fuel isn't. It's just a bad diesel fuel.
Now I have herd that you get JP-4 by mixing 50% Jet-A and 50% Gasoline.
And JP-4 would run fine in all the diesel engines we (the Air Force) used on the flight line back then in the F-4 Phantom days.
I have herd that people use up to 30% gas mixed with No.2 diesel up north.
I wouldn't try that much.
incorrect re: JP-4

JP-4 (F-40) fuel is essentially Jet B with anti corrosion inhibitor. So you woundnt technically have JP-4 witout additizing it. that said...

Jet B is a combination of kerosine and naphtha fractions, and is a very flammable fuel, only used really where it is really cold. So the fuel (either jet B or JP-4/F-40) would likely be approximately in the carbon range that your mixture implies... its just not JP-4 without all the mil-spec adds.

We (Navy) use JP-5 (F-44) and F-76 diesel. Much higher flashpoint, but a lot more sulfur too...

I use a bunch of different fuels in my diesel gensets. The engine getting the most experimentation is a Lister based slow speed diesel with Bosch Mico injection systems. They are tolerant of oils and work well with WVO, SVO, used motor oil and other fuels. However, the fuel must have lubricity.

I filter used motor oil and mix it with jet fuel at about 50-50. It runs just fine. You can smell the oil a bit in the exhaust under heavy load. Otherwise, the engine runs perfectly. I have not run 100% filtered used motor oil yet. Some have had very good results with this. I suspect it would need preheating.

Note: there are many different injection systems. Some are NOT TOLERANT of alternative fuels.

The reasons are many and specific to each type of injection system.

Some need all the lubricity they can get. Fuel lubricated pumps come to mind.

Some cannot operate with thicker fuels as excessive pressure causes rapid wear.

Some cannot operate with thinner fuels, as the diesel film strength is what prevents metal to metal contact inside the injection system.

You can prob search for alternative fuel results for your specific engine.

Stay away from trying gasoline. It is truly not a good diesel fuel. If you must add gasoline (cold weather) add a tiny percentage.

There are many other alternatives.

greecguy-I let it settle for a few weeks at least before I use it,and I dont pour the last10-15% of the container(it is too thick) I pour thru a paper coffee filter(very slowly),this takes a very long time so I rigged up a stand to hold a large funnel with the filter in it.This is not a 5 minute affair.
My fuel filters are changed every year per fords sked,but at first I changed every 6 months(they are very black when they come out but no other issues)I use no more than 1 gallon to a full tank(30 gal).mind you I only put my own oil back in the tank,so I only put 3 gallons of oil back thru the truck(one OC a year)
Sorry I took so long to reply,been out of town.
Not a problem hone eagle - been working, working, working myself. Thanks for the reply. With it being as hot as it has been, thinking of running a gallon of used motor oil with a 15 gallon mix. The heat should help thin it quite a bit.
ive tried burning used oil in my diesel. what i found is that it somehow doesnt burn as completely as diesel does. the used oil makes its way into the crankcase and raises the oil level in the engine.
now normally this diesel uses no oil nor does it ever gain oil, its got 475psi of compression on all cylinders, this is a good running motor. but burning used oil gets past the rings and raises the sump level.

just out of curiocity i also tried it in my lawnmower and my gasoline car, both which use no oil and both normally dont gain oil. i found that in both cases the oil level in the respective sumps slowly rose when oil was mixed in with the fuel.

while this cound be a reasonably effective way of insuring an old junker doesnt run low on oil, i think ill pass. my engines are in too good of condition to be re introducing used oil contaminants back into the fuel system and the sump.
Adding any oil to a gasoline will kill the octaine rating of the fuel. That is about the worst it will do.
I think he is right about the climbing oil levels, I work with some detroit diesels and I was cutting used oil/hyd fluid in with the JP-8 up to and some times over 10% in one of them. Next thing I know the oil is over serviced, had to dump out some oil for the second time last week. I thought there was a fuel leak in side the engine some where.
I'll be sure to watch for climbing oil levels in my truck.
It had to have been, I stoped putting all that oil in the fuel and the oil level stoped going up on it's own.
I think running propane fumigation like I do on my turck will burn up the oil better.
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