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May 7, 2003
Bay Area, CA
First up, the facts: My car is a 96 3.8l Camaro with roughly 107,xxx miles. I bought the car with 60k and in order used Chevron Supreme for 15k, then SJ M1 for 15k, and recently MaxLife for about 9k. I've always done 3,000 mile oil changes. I rack up miles pretty fast since I do about 60 miles a day, 90-95% highway with little stop and go. I'd like to go back to the new M1 so I can go to longer drain intervals. I don't any oil consumption problems or oil leaks. I did have a small oil leak, rear main seal, but had that fixed over a year ago. But I don't want any new ones either... [Smile] If it makes any difference, I'll be finishing up my first Auto-RX treatment in 500 miles. Thanks guys!
Finish up the Rx then go with M1 10w-30. I'd stick with it though. Switching back and forth is ok, but to get good results try and stick with one oil. It's good that you are using Rx. Run Rx out to at least 750 miles, the new amount Frank recommends. Good luck. [Smile]
Definitely run that Auto-rx interval longer if you're running it with Maxlife. I had better success running Auto-rx on my second interval when I ran it with Schaeffer Oil, since the first interval I ran it with Maxlife, and the esters in Maxlife slowed down the Auto-rx cleaning process.
I'm about 300 miles into my Auto-RX now...its with Pennzoil Purebase. Might be my imagination, but the ticking noise I used to hear on start-up is quiter/gone. After reading about the new M1 SS I want to go back...especially since I won't have to climb under her as often. [Smile] OOPS...I should add that the M1 I used to use was the old TriSyn, not the new SS. [Duh!] [ June 06, 2003, 08:07 PM: Message edited by: Raptor6 ]
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