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Jul 29, 2010
Manvel, Texas
I am having the package unit at my townhome replaced. The HVAC contractor wants to charge me to flush lines as the old unit is R-22 and the new unit is Puron (R-410a). I asked why this was necessary and the manager explained that the refrigerants are incompatible and that the old lines have to be purged before they can be reused. This makes perfect sense to me except that I have a package unit. By its very definition it is a self contained system. I have no external components. I know just enough about all this to be dangerous so it is entirely possible that I am missing a vital piece of info. However, I think it is also possible that the technician who noted this on my work order after the fact may have confused my job for another with a multi-component system. I think the only connections I have are power, thermostat, and ducting to the intake and plenum. Am I correct in assuming that since the package unit is self contained that there should be no external refrigerant lines that would remain and require flushing?
is there any type of external fan? Where is heat transmitted? I had a two new A/C's installed last year at my single family home, and they had to flush the lines b/c of the different types of refrigerant, which is better than the other choice of running new lines (ie, ripping out ceiling drywall).

Why not have the tech show you where the lines run?
Im not familiar with a "package unit". I assume that means that the air handler is one with the condensor and evaporator, sort of like a wall/window AC?

The major determinant in my view is if there is a lineset that is separate from this package unit. If the lineset is separate/installer supplied and will be reused, then yes, flushing to properly remove remnant oil and debris is prudent (doubly so if the lines are brazed). If its internal to the unit and replaced with the unit, then I cant see how it would be field installed, and they are probably talking generically.
Sounds like an add on doublespeak upcharge for nothing to me. Call another contractor, and ask them about it. Knowledge is generally free. Your present contractor may find that bullcrapping a customer is not.
If you can provide the brand/model information of what you currently have, and what you are purchasing, that might provide some clarity.

But yes, normally if you have a "Package" unit that contains the air handler, furnace, and a/c unit all in one machine, and it is externally mounted on your home, and is only connected with the home via wiring and ducting, then there is no reason to reuse any of the original unit, which means there's no reason for a lineset flush.

Nope, You are being ripped off. The only times lines have to be purged when converting from R22 to Puron is when you have a split system. These are the lines that run from the outside condenser unit to the inside air handler. If you are replacing a package system, you are replacing the condenser, air handler, the lines and the refrigerant.
Generally a Puron conversion includes new lines anyway, as the high side pressure is a LOT higher, risking line failure on an old set of R-22 lines-and a package plant includes everything anyway, that's why it's a "package"! RIPOFF ALERT!
Nope a package unit is self contained. There are no lines to flush. All outside in a ' package unit'.

And no you don't have to go to R410A. There are what is known as 'replacement units' that still use R22. They try to scare you into the R410a more expensive units.
You don't have to go with R410A, but you may want to anyway. Eventually R22 is going to become as hard to come by and outrageously expensive as R12.
Thank you. I figured it was not necessary with a package unit. Someone asked for unit info. The current unit is a Carrier 50ss-036. It is being replaced with a comparable unit. I find no external components on my current unit nor in the literature for it so I assume I do not have an external line set. I will proceed on this assumption and make sure they don’t charge me for an expensive service I do not need. I just didn’t want to raise cane with them only to find I didn’t totally understand all the facts. Changing contractors is not an option. It is a home warranty claim and they have been great thus far. I just like to stay informed so I don’t get ripped off. I was going to have to pay for the flush out of pocket as it is not covered and I was loathed to do so when I could not imagine any lines that should need flushing. I recon the tech that added the note simply confused my ticket with another. Maybe they like to see what they can get away with but they are well regarded and have been pleasant thus far.
Ya you do not need a linest flush...

Possibly a mix up which they should realize right away when they install the new one.
It's probably one of those American home shield ac contractors, they don't make much from AHS so they try to sell you services you don't need. Either the tech is a completely green selling tech or he is trying to pull a fast one on you, either way there is no line set in a package unit.
I would ask the contractor to visually show me the lines that need to be flushed, and then tell him your concerns.

Yeah the guy could be trying to make some extra cash, or maybe they know something that we don't know about his particular setup, or maybe he misunderstood what type of unit you are putting in.
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