Any good turkey breakfast sausage links or patties?

Apr 27, 2010
Suburban Washington DC
Ironically I found the frozen Jones brand better than what is sold unfrozen in the bacon isle. 2 links are just 45 calories, and along with one thick chocolate or vanilla waffle has been my latest breakfast routine. Any other brands to try?
Turkey or chicken?

We found some nice chicken sausage links, want to say they are in a yellow box... don't remember now as we've taken to eating vegetarian sausage patties instead.
Yes, the chicken was even better but I don't see them anymore in the stores here. I used to buy the Moringstar links and patties as well as the fake bacon strips until reading that soy based products weren't all that good for you.
Hrm, good point, I never thought about the soy aspect. Maybe I'll rethink that one, or at least check into it again. I recall similar warnings about that issue, but thoughts about food seem to change every few months so...

We still do real bacon once a week, that habit we have no plans to kick. :cool:
Watching my cholesterol lately. Turkey stuff is okay like turkey bacon and turkey sausage but it's loaded with sodium and other junk still.
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Links - Jimmy Dean, costco priced.
Say fully cooked, but gotta' frizzle 'em a bit in oil for color and carbon stripes.
i was on the turkey bacon kick for awhile it is very high in sodium. well not cured meat is healthy for ones diet, just have to eat this stuff in moderation. turkey often lacks taste i have had decent turkey sausage though. applegate puts out a pretty good product.. if avail in your location.

Al Fresco Country Style chicken sausage is pretty good. It's available in both patties and links.
lots of BS about cholesterol, search + learn, processed foods are seldom good. you know you want bacon, its a healthy saturated fat + contrary to typical BS its good for you + its filling + satisfying!! IMO
We typically get the fresh sausage right from the supermarket here. Man is it good they have spicy and mild I love both. It comes from local pigs. If going frozen or already made in the rolls it’s Gunnoes or Tennessee Pride or Neeses or Old Folks or I’m not picky when it comes to sausage lol. Banquet and Jimmy Dean have some nice frozen sausage links that are like maple 🍁 flavored they are good. 😌