Any good OTC "cleaner/flush" additive?

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Dec 2, 2005
Columbus, OH
Hey bitog!

I'm trying to do a relatively quick head gasket repair on a friend's car, the gasket was blown out by detonation which caused the oil and water jackets to become deformed and allowed the two to mix. Needless to say this creates a horrific milk shake looking foamy goo mess of everything inside the motor.

I was wondering if you guys had any good suggestions for a fast acting easily available product stripping the majority of the goo deposits from the inside of the engine. There seems to be loads of [censored] out there in this category and I think if anyone can point me in the right direction it'll be you guys!

My neighbor is a shadetree mechanic from the 'old school'. I have seen him flush out such engines by pouring several gallons of diesel oil into the crankcase and turning the engine over a couple of minutes after disconnecting the coil. Drain the diesel mess and run a rinse oil for a few hundred miles then back to normal.

Seemed cheap and worked for him..
I'd run a few gallons of HDEO through...

Start with the absolutely cheapest oil you can get... Fill the crankcase as you should, but then drain right out. Then fill with HDEO, start and drive super-gently just until the water is warm, drain. Then, refill with HDEO, and drive gently for about 30 miles to get oil to temp. Drain, refill with oil of choice, replace at 500 miles, then 2000 miles.

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Diesel is sold in my tiny town, but not kerosene. This may be a solution for the ticking lifters in my 351M. I have no problem loading it up with a few gallons at the station, cranking it coil off for 20 seconds, stopping for a minute, repeat several times, drain, refill, and drive the snot out of it. I can push the car back from the station, I live so close. Kinda afraid to put diesel in my well-varnished 2-gallon gas can. Although that MIGHT clean IT out, too.
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Diesel fuel, kero etc can clean out engines...and not harm a thing.

I agree especially kerosene.
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