Any experience with mid-90's Toyota Camry?

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May 28, 2003
Milwaukee, WI
My sister is looking at a 93 Camry LE, 4-cyl, 177k miles. Just wondering if anyone has any experience or opinions about them. I know they can be very reliable cars when properly maintained, but just looking for real world stuff. Thanks
my son drives a 93 LE i4 w/180k miles now, bought new by his grandparents and handed down to him with 98k miles, he's been driving it ever since. rock solid and and near bulletproof. get it checked for the usual stuff, then buy it if ok.
yeah, it'll definetly get checked out by the local toyota guru...good to hear of at least 1 very good experience though.
I've got my whole family driving Toyota Camrys. Only after they had complained about too many bad experiences with other makes and models. Many purchaced them new and drove the living snot out of them well beyond 200,000 miles with very little drama and I mean very little. Others have purchaced Camrys used with between 50,000- 100,000 miles on them and also drove the living snot out of them with little drama. And beleive me, none of these people are very particular about maintenance. GREAT CARS!
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