Any experience with 1AAuto?

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Sep 30, 2013
They have some pretty darn good how to's on the web, but I'll admit I've never used them for parts before. The free shipping draws me in, but I am scared away by the no name parts they sell. That said, Rock Auto's prices are probably no different for their economy lines and at least with them, you know what you are getting. Anyone here use them?
I have. Ordered several differnt types of parts from them over the years. No issues what so ever. Fast shipping. I have them saved in my bookmarks. Randy
Really good company. Purchased last summer front & rear rotors front & rear pads & caliper pins. For my 2010 mountaineer. Free shipping got them in 2 days. Lowest prices. No junk.
I've heard mixed reviews on them, but as long as you make sure the part number is correct (double check the application on RockAuto) you should be fine.
Purchased Quick struts from them for chrysler 300, while the price and shipping were great the struts were garbage. I would be careful as to what parts you buy from them!
I have purchased from them on a few occasions, and have never had a problem. The products are good, and when I had some questions, they were able to answer them quickly and to my satisfaction.
Ordered some lower control arms for the Camry and only one made it through shipping other one fell out or was taken box had a hole. Called them up before even taking it off the porch. They said no problem had the missing part in 1 day. There was no wait time on the phone and it was relatively no hassle for me. Would use them again.
I got a set of floor mats for my dad's Honda Fit. They arrived on time and at a lower price than everybody else. The funny thing is that every order that day included a free snow scraper. My dad lives where it might get used once or twice a year, and he would probably forget where he left it anyway.
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