Any BITOG members fans of Thai food?


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
I don't know much about Thai food, but last night I was invited to dinner and this what was served. All very nice, but I have to say some of it was SPICY HOT. Just a tiny sample of some on my pinky finger tip sent my mouth on fire.

The fish was called sea bass. I don't think it is the same as sea bass we eat in the USA.

Looks good. I like Thai now and then. A local place has very good pumpkin curry with chicken. It clears out my sinuses for sure. It's like hot lava although they say it's mild. 🌶️🌶️🌶️
Yes, indeed. We have many good to great Thai restaurants in the SF Bay Area. I also enjoy Cambodian, Vietnamese, Burmese, and Korean food. Again, many good choices here.

I became friends with Chai and Kwan, owners of one of the more highly regarded Thai restaurants in Berkeley, and they gave me some recipes that they got when they went back to Thailand for a visit in the late 1980s. I've made a few, and one is especially nice, albeit somewhat complex and requiring some hard-to-find ingredients. I invited them (and their two daughters) to my place for dinner one night so they could sample my preparation of their Chantabon Rice Noodle soup. They were quite critical of my result but offered some suggestions in techniques that greatly improved my subsequent attempts.

Thy moved back to Thailand around 2000, and I sure miss them and their cooking.

If you ever travel to Las Vegas try to get a reservation a Lotus of Siam. It's is off strip and is allegedly one of the top 2 Thai restaurants in the United States.
We have great Thai food here, as well as most other ethnic varieties.
What is interesting is the location. In the heart of Little Italy on Taylor Street are two of the most enjoyable Thai bistros found in the city. Different world. Even the speakeasy that buzzed you in by their choice is now a takeout Bb-q open to the walk-in public. Capone is rolling over in his grave.
Add me to the list of admirers of Thai cuisine.

Put me in the 'yawn' camp because, as with wine, Thai food isn't part of my lifestyle so I'll never become familiar enough to ascend up the 'ladder of fineness'.....unlike car oil.

Again GON raises the standard of posts....those pictures of your dinner are stupendous. Het GON, if ever you need a guy to carry your bags on one of your trips, gimme a call.
Love Thai food, especially their soups: Tom Yum and Tom Kha.

Also love their green curry, if they can tone down the spice a bit. :)

Not a fan of pad thai - tastes too sweet for me.
Given the extensive Hmong population we have a lot of decent Pho, gizzards laab style and various Thai foods.

Prefer Thai curries and Basil
I took a one night Thai cooking class in the late 1990's. Of all places, a community Shenandoah, Iowa! LOL :)

So probably not very authentic...but I recall the food was tasty. Would love to try out the real deal.
LOOOVE Thai food. Pad Thai noodles and basic and chili stir fry are my favs.

Gon- where's the rice? The shrimp and greens dish would be an awesome notch higher if they were covering Thai fried rice

On the spicy level - that can be tuned by the cook, there is no reason to have to put the toilet paper in the fridge.
I've been a fan ever since I discovered Thai food in the unlikely location of Fort Branch, Indiana, many years ago. I remember the owner picking lime leaves off a small potted tree to use in the dishes.

My favorites are red and Panang curry. I used to get a dish called Pa Ram, shrimp in spicy peanut sauce over a bed of spinach. The sweet peanut sauce tempers the heat, so I could order it hot but still actually taste everything.

At one restaurant, if you said you wanted it hot, they would ask "American hot or Thai hot?" I like hot food, but I'm not too proud to say American hot is enough.

By the way, GON, everything in your post except the head-on fish looks delicious!