Antique Shell keychain. Wonder how old?

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
My dad moved me to Apple Valley, Ca in 1974. We were actully closer to Hesperia so I spent lots of time there as a kid.

I found this Shell Keychain while looking for a key.

There was never a Gas station on the corner of E and Main since I have been here. There was a Old Visible gas pump there though, Just standing there but It disapeared probly 20 yrs ago.

Our Phone number has always been normal --> 619-247-1234. When did they stop using the Alphabet in Phone numbers?
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Here you go:
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We could still 5 digit dial in the late 1980s in my home town. Today there are two exchanges so you now have to dial 7 digits in town.
In the late 50's, when my parents moved to the suburbs to raise a family, the phone # began with NF2-xxxx.
At some point in time either people or most likely the Phone Co. started to just use Numbers. Then we called it 632-xxxx.

I was watching the TV Show Roy Rogers recently.
One of the few Cowboy Shows where they had 'telephones'.
They also had Cars on that show which always confused me (it was a Western).

Roy and the Sheriff were in the Sheriffs Office and Roy says:
"Sheriff, can you trace that call ?"
I thought, how can they trace a call on those 'old' phones ?
They don't have all the technology we have today.
The Sheriff picked up the phone and said:
"Sara (the Operator), who just called my Office ? ? ?"
The Operator told him where the call came from.
It really was that simple.
I wonder if, once they set up for printing, they stamped out a crate of 12,000 of those keychains. So they were giving them away long after phones went numeric.

My work still has tons of stuff for internal use with our old logos etc.
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