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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
Since most of our UOAs on here are from labs that don't test for levels of antimony, do we have any list of oils out there which use this additive? From what I understand it performs similar to moly correct? Does Amsoil use antimony instead of moly for instance?
great questions I haven't seen Sb (in Amsoil) pop up on any of the few labs that look for it. I haven't seen it pop up, much, other than Mola's thesis. And the fact that real analysis is big bux.
I wonder why antimony isn't included on the reports from the bigger labs? Unless the machine necessary to detect it is very expensive, or it's a complicated seperate step perhaps? I really need to take a tour of the oil analysis lab I use, they've said I could come in any time (with a bit of advance notice) but I never seemed to be able to co-ordinate my time off this summer properly in order to do it. I will definitely make an effort to get in there sometime and see how these beautiful UOA reports (that I'm so addicted to) are generated! [Smile]
Originally posted by Asmodeus: Patman, the oil analysis Co is in Miss?
Yes, it's less than 10 miles from my house.
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