Another SLUDGE picture...........

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Another Pennzoil victim

j/k of course.
Toyota trucks are valued because of their offroad prowess and longevity. "Some" newer engines definitely have sludge issues, as do engines from other manufacturers. Older, eg 22RE, engines were considered "bulletproof".
I knew it wasn't a Taco because the Alternator is too high, the ATF dipstick in on the wrong bank and there is no heat shield on the exhuast manifold.
Okay, so that's what SLUDGE looks like! I guess I'm pretty lucky. From what I can tell from lifting the valve cover on mine, I only have varnish. If there is any unseen sludge in mine, the Auto-Rx should take care of that!
otis24 thats a sever case of sludge which i dont think can be taken care. Its best to take care of the sludge if any so it doesnt turn to what you see in the pic, oh yea the lady that drove the car went 25K without an oil change. Sucks to be her. Thats what happens when you neglect an engine from oil changes.
I love what you do for me......

Yeah, I'm feeling much more relieved about my Saab. Tis but a little varnish that my healthy diet of AutoRx and M1 will clear up. I hope...
man looks like caked burnt BBQ sauce lol. prob what my sisters tempo looked like. she went a year with out an oil change. took it in and the oil came out in gobs. the guy told my sister that the engine would die nto to long after. about a month later it siezed.

why cant people change their oil on a reg basis. my wife gets that brain **** of oh I forgot. so I take care of all oil changes on our vehicles.
Yes, that's a suspension upgrade thread. If you see the poster "Anthony" ..there's a link in his sig that says "IT'S TIME TO CHANGE YOUR OIL". It leads to the image in the first link up above.


Why are Toyota's so "valued"?

Because they're generally outstanding vehicles, but as with any machine, they're not perfect. They're just far less imperfect than a lot of other choices, both foreign and domestic. Compare the relatively short-lived Toyota sludge debacle with the notorious GM 60-degree V-6 and it's chronic leaking intake seals. Toyota, albeit with some reluctance, corrected the hot heads / oil passage issue and has offered an extension of warranty coverage for owners who can show that they made some effort to care for their vehicles. GM, on the other hand, has essentially told it's customers "FU" with respect to the leaky intakes -- once the factory wty is up, you're on your own.

If someone comes up with the perfect car, I'll buy one whether it's made in the US, Japan, or on Mars. In the meantime, while I'm longing for perfection, I'll look for an obtainable "best". In this contest, Toyota is always near the head of the pack.
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