Another option for HT LT tires Nokian HT 1

Jan 8, 2007
I've had my new Nokian tyres :) now for about 5k miles or more. They replaced Michelin Defenders that I got about 70k miles on.

Even though I love Michelin summer tires I was never a huge fan of the LT tires like everyone else. I say that even though the defenders ended up being a great highway tire so take that FWIW.

I'm not very descriptive so I will say that these are equal to the defenders in every way. Including poor performance in mud LoL.

Nice smooth highway ride, plenty of dry traction and not much tire noise. I hate tire noise so for those of you that feel the same these are good.

Wet traction seems very good. I don't get rain here like I did in FL so the have seen mostly dry miles. My defenders always had tire spin on my driveway when it was wet and these do not. Not a fair comparison because the defenders were EOL when I moved to TN.

Not a lot of towing, one trip of about 150 miles with a loaded trailer. Sidewall stiffness was good in this situation, no squirm or funny deflections of the tire when loaded.
I did get the truck stuck for a bit in some mud when pulling my trailer out. To be expected as these are HT tires, eventually freed the truck by putting stuff under the tires and flooring it :)

I purchased them because they are made about 15 miles from me in Dayton TN. Support the local economy :)


Almost went with these on the wife’s 2018 before deciding to stick with ATs. Interested to hear how they work out for you.
Keep up on the rotations esp early on and they should serve you well. Which is direct from the manufacturer.