Another NEW synthetic oil Meijers

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Apr 23, 2003
I was browsing the auto isles as usual, while the other half was doing her thing. And I know Meijers also sold oil with Meijers name on it. But now they are carrying a new oil. It is made for Meijers Grand Rapids Michigan. Cant find any other info on box as to who is making it but they are selling this stuff for $2.66 a qt on sale right now as a new item. There are 2 of them. A 5w30 Full synthetic and a High milage Full synthetic. Now I know what your thinking, "Full Synthetic" right? thats what I thought but, I read the back of the bottle which states, "Made from 100% synthetic base stocks. And meets all API SL etc etc.... The name on the bottle was Motortrend, or somthing like that. Anyone else see this?
Yeah, I saw the same stuff ('Motortrend') at the store in Holland when I was picking up oil for my '89 626.
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