Another J20C Fluid Thread, What's Good At WalMArt

Mar 15, 2016
New Hampshire, USA
Looking for a J20C fluid for a YM336D that is available locally, which realistically for me means Walmart unless I want to drive. I am going to list the brands they sell and would like input as to what if any brands are good to go.

WalMart Transmission Hydraulic Fluid

In no particular order:
Starfire Premium
Lucas Universal
Mobil Delvac 424
Schaeffer Super simplex
Valvoline VV710
Lube King (Warren?)
JD Hy-Gard

Guessing that Warren is lower end, SuperTech might be made by Warren. Strarfire sounds sketchy. The products from Mobil, JD, Valvoline and Shaeffer's are likely high quality with a good additive package. Lucas could be good or bad.

I appreciate any input on these brands. I am nor worried about the price, but if I can save a few bucks and get quality that i all the better.
Jun 12, 2020
SW Missouri
I use Schaeffer almost exclusively but i stick with Hygard on the tractors. I run almost all JD equipment and don’t see the benefit to a cheaper fluid. I helped rebuild a JD 6200 transmission that had delaminated friction plates from improper fluid twice. Took two failures for the owner to switch to Hygard with no issues since.