Another Consumption Question

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Nov 16, 2002
It seems my oil consumption has slowed down after 1k miles. I have 2200 miles on M1 10w-30. The first 800 miles, I used 1/2 a qt of it. Is there a reason why oil consumption would slow down at some point?
I did replace the pcv valve, Toy4x4 mentioned this could have been a problem.
i have noticed that if I check my oil when the engine has just been shut off, I will show it being low about 1/2 qt. But if I check it in the AM, its normal.

Syntheic oils can hang up for some time and you may not get an accurate reading. If its a 1/2 qt low, I would not top off untill I checked it cold to see.

Also, some oils are more volatile, will burn off (from the heat of combustion not past the rings) a certain amount right away and then stablize. Pertroleum oils are good for this but Mobil 1, I have not idea but could be the case.

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My experience has been that while an oil performs cleaning duties (especially synthetics), you will have increased consumption...hopefully, it then levels off...maybe this is what you're experiencing.
Did you keep the old PCV valve? If you did, clean off the smaller end and try to blow through it. I did that on mine and barely got a squeak through it! Thoroughly clogged. The new one was easy to blow air through.
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