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Mar 28, 2009
Huron, Tn
My grandmother and I have been wondering all about our past ancestors. Anybody have any websites that are free?

We can trace one of countless sides of our WHOLE family, to about 7 generations, and still wondering.

Can anybody help?

Remember, some sites only offer a free trial.

This sparked up because today was the day we decorate our cementary, and get-together.

We are all wondering because most of the people who know this information about our family are very old and forgetful.

thanks in advance,

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Look at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints site (Mormon). That site really helped me with one side of my family. You'll be surprised what they have.
Originally Posted By: fordboy

This sparked up because today was the day we decorate our cementary.......

Do you use those pattern thingies?

I could give you some concrete advice, but some things are better left uncracked.

I would be afraid to look, I might find out some of the ancestors in barrels with concrete, sleeping with fishes.
My moms cousin did this. but she did the research her self. We found my grandmom's cousin's wife still lives in Ireland. Last year we all went over to "the home land" for two weeks.

Go for it!! Its cool looking into the past.

*cept for my good friend who found out his great grand pop was a higher up in hitler's SS. . . .
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