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Nov 15, 2002
Beach Cities, CA
Okey, enough reading for me. The more I read, The more confused i feel. It seems hard for me to digest those great posts in this forum. :-(
This is my case:
I have an '89 honda prelude with 199k miles on it. According to the service receipts i have, the first owner put 20w50 mobile drive clean after 105k miles. The 2nd owner took it over at 140k miles point and used only 10w30 whatever brand. It became my toy at 160k miles . So far i pour only GTX 10w30 into its engine. It runs good so far but engine noise becomes biger and biger. And it also burns oil like 1/4 qt per 1k miles. it turns on to be very dark after 2k miles.
There're many good discussions related with my prelude case i believe. But again, i cannot draw a conclusion so far. :-(
The following oils r highly recommended in recent discussion and also available in my area. which one is the best for my prelude?
1. GTX 10w30
2. GTX 20w50
3. or Chevron Supreme 10w30/20w50.
4. Chevron Delo 15w40.
4. Pennzoil HM 10w30.
5. Mobile 1
6. Pennzoil Syn.

Price is not a big issue except Mobile 1. All others are among the same price range here. the promotional price of Pennzoil Syn is about $1.9/qt.

Thanks for your reading.
I would try Castrol High Mileage, probably 10w-30 , dunno if it comes in any higher viscosity than that , if it does go higher. You might want to try giving the engine a good flush and maybe run the auto-rx treatment for a bit too. I think the High Mileage oil would be definitely a good start for that engine. I guess Penzoils high mileage would be good as well, I know Castrol features some moly in it, I assume Penzoil does as well but not totally sure on that.
Sounds like it on its way downhill. But I would consider the Delo 15W-40 or the Delvac 15W-40. I'm not sure you will get any better service with the synthetic at this point. The 40 wt. should help your consumption a bit as well as quiet and prolong the little gremlins in your bearings. Since you are in Cali the 15W should be OK. Good luck and happy reading
Castrol GTX HM does come in 10w40 and 20w50 also, but not in Canada, we just get the 5w30 and 10w30 here.
Noise and consumption: You say that this car ran 20w50 for 20k, so it is apt to consume and make noise when reducing it.
Turning dark: there may be a buildup that the oil is trying to get out, and this might be sticking rings or other parts. Either clean it up with something like Auto-Rx or put a diesel formulation in it to add the extra calcium. It will take a little longer, but will have an effect.
I don't know of a good diesel formulation 20w50 in the states (although I have one here). So if you want to go this route, use the Delo to clean it up and then go to the 20w50. There is a honda chart on the internet that shows 20w50 for areas were the temperature does not go below -10 C.
Great suggestions! So bad i'm late to read ur guys replies. :-( have to wait for next oil change. i'd better slightly increase the weight. chevron delo sounds good to me. Thanks again!
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