Analog video capture on a Mac

Oct 28, 2008
I have a mid 2012 Mac Pro running Mojave, and I want to get some sort of a card or box that will allow me to digitize old analog videos in both PAL and NTSC, probably with an s video input. I did this on some old macs 15-20 years ago, but I don't have anything current that will work with my present hardware. Any ideas?
Sounds like very specific google search to me. there were a lot of USB video capture boxes some years ago and thats not even addressing the old Mac aspect. For all the time and headaches youll get doing it look for online services to do it for you. I used to do all that myself and it is massively time consuming and tedious. For that I used ATI TV Wonder card for analog ( I still have it lol) or Firewire if you have camcorder that has that would be the best way feeding into one of the cheap video editing pkgs back then.
I used to use a box made by a company called Canopus that took in S-Video as well as RGB and output via Firewire; using the same DV codec that was used on MiniDV tapes at the time. So I can offer that at the time I would have researched the holy heck out the options available and the Canopus box, being "prosumer" quality, came out as the best buy for my use case.

If you get really stuck and can't find anything, and your MP has Firewire input, let me know. Mine may well still be in my basement having collected dust for the last 10 years or so and I'd be happy to send it to you.
If it were me-

I'd use a Power Macintosh 8600, potentially with a G4 upgrade...but then I already have one. The advantage of that system is it does exactly what you want-it has an S-Video input.

As suggested above, though, since you have FW(assuming this is an MP 5,1-you should have 4x or so FW800 ports-I'm not where I can look at mine now but I think two on the front and at least two, maybe 3 or 4 on the back) you can probably find old hardware that will work. FW was made for this kind of stuff, and since it's a somewhat obsolete standard, often times Firewire peripherals now are inexpensive.

As a side note, I miss Firewire, and in fact when I dock my M1 MBP at my desk I even have a Firewire port on down the line(useful for some older externals). It was always a better standard than USB for a lot of reasons, but USB won for lower cost and being "good enough", plus USB 3.0 destroyed the last version of FW to make it to market in speed.
Thanks for the replies. They're very helpful. I remember those 8600s!
If you really wanted a slick set-up in OS X, I also have a G3 Beige with a 1ghz G4 upgrade and a "Wings" personality card that has the AV I/O on it....
Like the other posters I'd find some tech from the mid 2000s as it's probably higher quality than some new chinese dongle.

If you can find an NTSC DVD burner there's another option-- burn, then rip.