An Electric Powered Paint Shaker

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Jan 30, 2007
Clovis, CA
I wish they made an electric powered paint shaker for spray cans. I'm actually amazed there isn't one on the market already. I gotta have my paint thoroughly shook up and my arms get tired after a while.
I have now seen everything. grin But where is the joy and satisfaction of swirling the can around at the end of shaking it and hearing the little ball inside go swish, swish, swish fully around the bottom of the can? Only then can you be fully confident that the paint is properly mixed.
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can I use it on a circular saw? :P
I'd pay a dollar to see that. LOL
Careful guys, or you'll start a new class of stupid YouTube videos... wink
Just got the "mixkwik" works amazing... word of warning.. use the saw on SLOW or your mixer will blow up. no it didnt happen to me smile
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