An Amsoil "offer I couldn't refuse"... & 2 ?'s

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Jan 27, 2003
Pac NW
Finally took the plunge: 4 gallons of Amsoil AME 15W-40 for $65 (!) to use in the 1991 420SEL. I have been using 8 quarts of either Pennzoil LL or Delo 400 for the last 3+ years with 5K filter+OCI's, and two Auto-RX treatments have already been completed. It uses a miniscule amount of oil in-between changes, perhaps equally divided between an occasional droplet seen near a valve cover gasket or the oil pan and what I consider to be "normal consumption" for a 145K MB V8. Oil always "looks good" at drain intervals. A couple questions, please? What is your expert recommendations for a new OCI and/or filter changes? I'm not really interested in getting into the oil analysis regime (no offense, Terry, et al) but more interested in just a reasonable extension of the fine service I have been getting from HDEO's. Mercedes does (did) indicate both a gas (SF, etc.) and a diesel (CF, etc.) spec for these engines, way back when. Factory OCI was 7,500 miles. Oregon is a pretty mild climate... So what do you guys think? Can I go a full year OCI, which is now about 10K? Stretch it to 15K with a filter change at 7,500? Oh, yeah... I had done a search on this Forum using "Amsoil" as the factor and there was a comment by Too Slick vis-a-vis the AMO 10W-40 product being A-OK for wet clutch motorcycles which appeared (to me) to possibly have been mis-interpreted to mean that the AME product was superior: AME doesn't carry the JASO MA rating and the AMO does. Which is your recommendation for that specific application? Thanks in advance for your clarification. [Cheers!]
Many believe the AMO and AMF are the same oil (I think they are). AME isn't marketed towards motorcycles and thus the different recommendations and certifications and "exceeds" this and that. Of course, AME is friction modifer free (wet clutch friendly) and therefore IMO is a superior motorcycle oil than AMF because it's much more shear stable. Edit: in temps above about 15F to 20F.
Originally posted by darkdan: Many believe the AMO and AMF are the same oil (I think they are).
Umm I dont' think they are the same exact oil, but you can be sure they probably use the same addtive pack and baseoil formulation, just the 10w40 uses a slightly lighter base. I think the 15w40 is a little more shear stable than the 10w40 which would hold up better under higher temps and in gearboxes like scooters that share sumps. Both oils are good in my opinion, the AME 15w40 is less expensive becuase of the quantity that Amsoil sells of this oil
Had a coupon @ GI Joe's marked as "Make your own sale: 25% off ANY two items, Regular OR sale price$"... One of my two items was a 4-gal case of AME! What about my other question? [Roll Eyes] Cheers! [Cheers!]
Originally posted by Norm Olt: 4 gallons of Amsoil AME 15W-40 for $65
Become an Amsoil Preferred Customer or Dealer and you'll always be able to buy a case of AME for that price. [Cool]
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