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I Used to back in EU :) Well back in the days great expensive products ... Never used Vitamins ... Mom was buying Herbalife products ... :)
Not in about 30 years. My mother liked the laundry detergent. I tried to find the old dealer who was local some time back, but I couldn't find an easy way to a dealer listing ..and just didn't bother following through (gave up).
If you are referring to the company, I know they are "the" major MLM out there. I just want to know about the quality of their products.
My in-laws used to be Amway-ers, but quit around 10-12 years ago. I have some of their (old) cleaning products (dishwashing liquid, degreaser, etc.) that my FIL gave to me. The products work as well as anything else I've used.

My wife's Aunt is still in Amway. We get laundry detergent from her now & then. It works well.
I'd say that they were the most infamous MLM. I think, iirc, a core group of upper end dealers figured out that they could make more money with conventions/rallies and promoting their books on how to be successful. I think 20/20 was where I saw this. Amsoil suffers due to that evolution within the Amway organization. Mostly it's unjustified ..but there are surely some dealers that capitalize on hype and attempt to turn it into a religion.

The products were very good according to my mother. I was in my 20's then and never really cared much one way or the other about most things like that. Most appeared more compact than retail stuff. The detergents didn't have the "salt cake" cutting agents in them ...etc..etc.
I haven't used Amway but I do use Shaklee laundry detergent and vitamins. Both seem to be the best I've found and I started using them because my mom uses them.

I have never received any MLM propaganda from corporate or the local dealer.
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Anyone here use any of the Amway products? Household cleaners, laundry cleaners, vitamins?

In the old days 1970's - some of the stuff was top notch - my Mom bought stuff from the neighbor. I have no knowledge of current Amway junk. The whole Quixtar thing disgusts me. I really vomit when people think Amsoil is associated with that shady company. I mean a Quixtar guy tried to recruit me once and wouldn't even tell me what the product was called!! Told me right!
The only product I have personally used, was their floor stripper. We used it prior to leaving a rental (back in the early 90s). It worked excellent -- made the vinyl flooring look new (w/o) elbow grease.
Amway products were excellent. Detergents and cleaners are especially good. I used to buy them from a guy down the block before I moved to CO. Last year I tried to get ahold of the local "QUACKSTAR" distributor for some soap and all the SOB wanted to talk about was how I would be a great fit for their business opportunity...I was just like come on man I just want to order some freaking soap!! All and all if you can actually get to the products and not have to deal with the "pitch" it's a good deal, but boy do those guys make it hard to just feel "dirty" after dealing with them.
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Stay far far away!
I used to have a friend whom was suckered in by the jive the "rep" was giving.
The problem with Amway was never anything with their products. It was the corruption of the MLM concept into the notion that it was a get rich scheme. Some of the more successful dealers promoted the concept that you could just amass a large number of underlings and sit back and get rich. There was never the idea that you sell a product. You sold a pathway to wealth. They sold a religion. No one wanted to slug it out just selling soap, making a modest (or substantial) gain from it part time (or full time), and sharing it with others who wanted to do the same.

That corrupt model has been used successfully over a full spectrum of "sales pitches" to make people feel that they want to belong to such an organization.

If you're a Snap~On independent dealer, the sales manager is telling you to get every last $5 bill out of the mechanic's wallet.

"Not only do you need that $5 bill, you deserve it." ..since the independent dealer is, in fact, a customer of Snap~On and making your primary customer feel good in reaching very high and deep is what produces the most profits.

They all attempt to distinguish some form of "us" and "them" in some exclusive separatist group with all kinds of ego stroking and whatnot.

We've seen this many times ..and not just from soap salesmen.
The same model is true for car dealership. None of us are customers of GM, Ford or Chrysler, etc. The dealerships are customers of the carmakers. We are customers of dealerships.

This explains why carmakers back dealers when warranty repairs are turned down and why dealers don't have any problems digging as deep into your pockets as you'll let them.

So just like the Snap-on independent dealer is a customer of Snap-on, a place like Smith Chevrolet (just making up a name here) is a customer of Chevrolet.

This is also why it's a bit sticky to close dealerships and/or brands. Those dealerships PAID for their franchise, and expect to be made whole.
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This is also why it's a bit sticky to close dealerships and/or brands. Those dealerships PAID for their franchise, and expect to be made whole.

If anyone can understand shafting someone, it would be a car dealer. They just aren't used to being on the receiving end.
I heard them being called "SCAM-WAY" before and I know they have another company or are switching names to "QUIXSTAR" or something like that...

My mom used to buy some of the products back in the 80's and they did work well, but were a bit over priced IHO.

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