Amsoil's response to Moly

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Nov 16, 2002
**It was pointed out that this was the wrong Molybdenum that Amsoil responded too. I'm curious to know what they say to the corrected question I just sent them.

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I think you got the right answer to the wrong question.

There's moly and then there's moly.

The compound of molybdenum Amsoil was discussing was evidently molydenum disulfide. It is a grey powder with all the characteristics and problems they said. It is used in grease by Amsoil, Schaeffer, and many other oil companies. It is generally not used in motor oil.

The moly that Schaeffer uses is a form of molybdenum trialkyldithiocarbamate...very different from MoS2 that Amsoil told you about.

Sorry about that. I didn't know there was more then one....
Pablo, the question was why doesn't Amsoil use Moly in there oil? Many people have been interested in Moly and why Ams is not using it. The only answer we have received on the topic was speculation, so I decided to ask them. I assume Schaeffers and Mobil/Redline all use the same Moly as Ken mentioned above??

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Ken2 is correct.

It appears that someone at Amsoil is stuck in the world of the '70's if they discussed the powder form of Moly disulfide.

Technical papers from 1984 on discuss MoTDC in motor oil formulations, no secret in the formulation world.

Surely Amsoil chemists are aware of current formulations using the organomoly or MoTDC?

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