Amsoil XL 10w-40/ HT/HS MPG

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Nov 16, 2002
Just received Amsoil's lates news letter. They are offering a 10w-40 XL series oil to complete there line up. They mentioned how the lower HT/HS gives you better fuel economy but you don't want it to low because you sacrifice wear. As usual they show the NOAK graph and four ball wear graph, where as usual Mobil 1 and Delvac 1 don't do so well. Delvac 1 had the highest four ball wear scar of .60. Even Delvac 1300 did better. Makes no sense to me. [Smile]
Al, you crack me up. lol. [LOL!] Amsoil claims these oils are for the retail market. I have yet to see Amsoil in retail throughout PA, NJ and NY. [I dont know]
Pablo, thats correct, but I never see Amsoil in quick lube places around the NJ area. I really wish Amsoil could make it into the retail market. I know that would probably hurt you guys, but the company could really expand this way. M1 is the only true synthetic left on the shelf. Do you think Amsoil will ever try and enter the retail market, or will they stay as a specialty brand via mail only? [Smile] [ March 16, 2003, 09:25 AM: Message edited by: buster ]
Buster, You need to pay more attention to what you read ...the oil that was profiled on that page was the Series 3000, 5w-30 synthetic diesel oil. They were talking about optimum HT/HS viscosities for fuel efficient diesel oils. The new 10w-40 was mentioned in the same issue, but in a different story. It was compared to some of the other 10w-40's on the market, including castrol syntec. Ted
I think as long as its a profitable privately owned company there is not reason for them to dump thier MLM and go public. They have been etremely successfull for 30 yrs. They have retail programs but the mind set for 75% of the public is 3000 miles and cheap when it come to maintaining vehicles. Unless the price of petro oil jumps drastically synthetic oils will continue to be a niche market. I have tried to get some quick lube places to sell it but their response it we only sell a few case of Mobil 1 now and we want the peole coming back every 3000 miles or 3 months, its the only way we can stay in business. If they get a customer insisting on Amsoil the call me but that has only happend 2x in 5 yrs. One good friend with a lube place sayst the poeple complain about $22.95 now.
Ted, I understand that and that is what I was saying. What is the relevance of it being for diesel engines or gas engines in terms of HT/HS wear compromise/ mpg? It shouldn't really matter. The lower the cSt, obviously the lower the HT/HS so you need to have a balance. Many people don't think M1 has high enough HT/HS numbers, but they are forgetting that M1 is probably the most fuel efficient oil being on the light side of 30wt. So all they were saying is that they have the right balance of HT/HS and fuel efficiency in this particular oil. The 40wt. article was entirely unrelated to the other. The question I had is why does delvac 1 have higher scar wear then delvac 1300? I get tired of seeing this ridiculous four ball wear graphs when in reality they have little to do with an oils capabilities. [ March 16, 2003, 10:48 AM: Message edited by: buster ]
Interesting. Well you might be right. Learn something new everyday. [Smile]
Originally posted by Blaster1: The four ball wear test is the BEST way to test an oils shear stabilty and wear protection because it eliminates any variables...there really is no question that the oil with the smallest wear scar provided the best protection. Blaster1....OUT
[No no] I think the BEST way to test an oil is by UOA. [Patriot]
They don't have them in the news letter either, but I'm sure there very good. Amsoil doesn't make an oil with bad specs. I'd like to know myself. [Smile]
Buster, I beg to differ. The four ball wear test is the BEST way to test an oils shear stabilty and wear protection because it eliminates any variables. The load, temp, and RPM are exactly the same for each test. Unlike testing oils in engines which are subject to many varibles. While this only tests one facet of the oils function there really is no question that the oil with the smallest wear scar provided the best protection. Blaster1....OUT
Sin City, XL-7500, 10w-40: Noack Volatility, 5.6% TBN, 10.2 Four Ball Wear Test, .40 mm scar That's all i've seen so far in terms of specs - I'd expect the viscosity @ 100C to be about 14 Cst and the pour point to be approx -45F. A decent product, but I'd buy their regular 10w-40 (AMO) instead of this formulation. TooSlick
It really doesnt pay to buy there XL line when looking at the cost differences.
Agree, it makes no sense to purchase the XL line given the price differences, extremely small It appears though that Amsoil may be changing its long range plans for sales and gearing up more for the shorter oil change intervals to increase sales as the extended drains are too hard to sell. A more complete line of XL as well for newer engines plus the API designation. I still do not like the use of the word "SYNTHETIC" on the XL line. Just because the Castrols of the world do it does not make it right and they should revise the wording somehow and let the public know the truth. Just my opinion.
I agree Spector. I'd like to see this line in retail stores like Autozone etc. I think they could do well with it being more readily available. The specs are very good for this line, they just lack the additive package for extended drains. [Smile]
I sent Amsoil an email and requested the specs for the new XL-7500 10w-40. The specs are below. Efective date 11/2002 Visc. @ 100C 14.5 Visc. @ 40C 81.0 Visc. Index 187 Visc. (W) 4950@-25C Flash point 232C Fire point 248C Pour point -42C TBN 10.0 NOACK 5.6 HT/HS 3.9 CP
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