Amsoil went in today

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Sep 4, 2003
Central Arkansas
Today I drianed the M1 0W40 and got a sample to send off to Blackstone Labs. Then it got a fresh K&N oil filter, a Fram sure drain, and 6 quarts of Amsoil 5W30 ASL. My intentions are to change the filter and get a sample at 5000 miles then push it on out to 10,000 miles or one year which ever come first. The scary part is that I managed to put 5700 miles on the Jeep in just over 2 months. Normaly we might drive 1000 miles a month. I hope this doesn't hurt anything. Guess the 5000 mile sample will let me know if it's doing ok.
What were yor subjective impressions of the M1 0W-40? Oil pressure and other things you may have noticed compared to oils used before?
Alex D, I liked the M1 0W40 oil, it seemed to do what is was supposed to do in the 4.0. M1 5W30 seemed too thin and I was afraid of killing my converter with Rotella T. But for the 10,000 miles or so I ran the 0W40 with 5000 mile OCI's I cannot complain. I have my sample ready to send off in the morning so in a few days I might change my tune. I think the M1 is good stuff and I would run it again. Now I get the play with the Amsoil stuff. It may or may not be any better than the M1 but it sure feels like I am playing with the "big boy oil". I have never heard of anything bad about an Amsoil product and am a little excited to be trying it.
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