Amsoil Warranty Claim= Paid

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Now, if you notice, the original post was by an Amsoil dealer. But I do know that this is true, as Tooslick mentioned this in a post a while back. Amsoil DID pay a few of these claims for the Toyota sludge monsters on a basis of "goodwill," as these engines are known troublemakers. But since then, Amsoil has issued out a TSB on this engine and other known sludgemonsters recommending the usage of an API certified oil in these applications and following the OEM recommended drain interval.
"What little oil was on the dipstick was extremely thick and there was no firm indication of an oil *level* on the stick." ----------------------------------------------- He didn't check his oil in 27,000 miles??? Sludge doesn't happen overnight. I think it was his fault more than Amsoil's.
Actually this is pretty old news. It's pretty amazing Amsoil paid, but in some sense it was the right thing to do. On the other hand, the engine has a (now) known defect. AND no offense to that "dealer" but he is one lucky idiot. Again - new engine? sludge monster? severe driving conditions? 25K or 35K is NOT THE RECOMMENDED OCI!!!
Hat's off to Amsoil for paying but in reality anyone going for those kind of OCI's is a blooming idiot. This guy probably never even checked the oil let alone replace the filter Clean oil is happy oil
another dumb *** who never checks the dipstick or coolant level. Oh its a Toyota, they neve use oil daahhh! I wonder if he changed the filter a 6 months and topped it off?? Any link on Amsoil's website confirming they paid this claim??
VNT: I've never noticed a "we paid these warranty claims" section on the web site. That being said, the fact that they've EVER honored it is both good and bad.. it does prove their oil can fail, but it also shows they have the integrity to admit it, at least some of the time. Seriously, though, not checking the dipstick? I've heard of VW voiding a warranty for that, so Amsoil must have been in a seriously good mood that day. Or they assumed all their dealers are smart enough to check the dipstick....
Tom Jones Actually they have posted in their magazine that they have never had to warranty anything because of issues/failure of the oil. Also I wouldnt call this failure of the oil, but an application where someone didnt bother monitoring the oil level. I am sure there were other consumption issues which arent divulged in the thread on the other board.
Originally posted by MolaKule: ..."Goodwill" claims in which they know its not their fault, but do it for business sake...
Like you expect any business to voluntarily admit product liability? Thar be lawyers beyond those shores, Matey!...
How could you not notice this while changing filters and checking oil? Amsoil should definitely require documentation supporting regular filter changes before paying for something like that.
IMHO, VNT has nailed it and the consensus seems to be: "How smart is this dealer who doesn't check his oil levels?" "Stupid is as Stupid does." I don't know all the details, but If I had been Amsoil I would have fought this one to the hilt on technical grounds and made some kind of warning to the dealer about checking oil levels. My BIL says that Amsoil pays out about 22-24 claims a year and most are "Goodwill" claims in which they know its not their fault, but do it for business sake. I commend them in this regard. Ignorant and ridiculous litigation and paying out for stupiditiy is part of doing business.
*sigh Yes Orgin, it does. The owner of the Toyota was totally at fault. It's a miracle he got them to pay. Although from a PR standpoint if Amsoil didn't and proved it was the engine design and owner's lack of care they be in for quite a battle. The owner would keep bad mouthing them to every person he saw. Saying Amsoil doesn't stand behind their product when in reality commonsense escaped him and that caused his failure. I swear people these days.... I have met quite a few that never check there oil saying there is no need, even on new car. **** they don't bother checkin anything till a probelm occurs. Idiots the lot of them are.
One thing for sure - Amsoil has 100% of my respect! Definitely recommend them to guys looking for the "best" synthetic oil out there today. Exactly (about no need to check oil in new car). So many people think their expensive cars can handle no service... I mean, even in Star Trek the big ole' ships had to have an engineer & come in for service every now and then!!! [Big Grin]
Not sure how large Amsoil is, however a $3000-$5000 replacement fee is worth the small bit of advertising for their warranty.
Thanks DJ - send the misguided folks over here. The 25-35K "advertising" comes with plenty of information from Amsoil, if people take the time to read. What's really irresponsible are Amsoil dealers that rush people by that info.
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