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May 5, 2006
Is there a place I can view all of their fancy test bar graphs??? I can get a few by clicking on different motor oils, but I was wondering if they kept them all somewhere linkable?? Thanks in advance!
Look at those test results with a skeptical eye. In many cases if the graph was extended down to zero, the actual differences between the tested products are not significant. Also be sure that what they are testing for is indeed significant. For example, the 4-ball wear test is not relevant to motor oil performance inside an engine. It is an imprecise test of gear oil and grease. I feel that Amsoil makes good products, I feel that they are over hyped and over priced, and that the fine print in their warranty makes it near useless. Ken
If it was not for this site, it would be more difficult for a lot of us to seperate claims from reality when it comes to all things oil and fluids in the automotive field. Good job BITOG, whoever you may be.
To answer your question, there is no page at that has all of their graphs on one page. The graphs are obviously found with the appropriate product as you state. I assume you have seen the oil test page. As for the Amsoil warranty. It's a fine warranty. Not sure where KenW is coming from. It is no more burdensome than other oil warranties and spells out in detail the necessary steps to file a claim. It's a nasty world out there, and believe me there are many, many scam artists try for new engines, etc. If Amsoil has a quality problem, they will make good on it. Amsoil is no more over hyped than any oil advertised on TV. Some of the oil companies don't post any test data, at least Amsoil does that. Of course the detractors say it's all hype, etc. It's been beaten to death since day one here. I don't mind honest criticism and Amsoil does have some detractors here. Most just go by feeling though, some folks will home in/chime in on any thread with Amsoil in the title (fair enough) and some few (not KenW) folks have a vile hatred and send me hate emails, viruses, etc. in the past. I'm not sure if these guys have a life but they sure get personal!
There is no equivalent of GC. That doesn't mean Amsoil can't match or beat GC, especially for extended drains. Amsoil makes a 0W-30, but it costs a lot more than GC and really is a highway mile oil for 15-35K mile OCI. For lesser miles, I would match up Amsoil's various 5W-30's depending mostly on engine application.
In a nutshell LarryL - yes it is expensive. Suggested retail is $9.45. My cost is $7.30. I only recommend it very specific long drain applications. GC is about $5/qt. Castrol is taking a loss or just breaking even.
Just wondering, Why would Castrol want to take a loss?? You don't get to be a major like Castrol not making any margins on the products you sell.
It is like Amsoil...if you look at the new prices....some went up quite a bit per gallon and others stayed the same. Corporate decisions [crushedcar]
So, there is an Amsoil match to GC. But is it true that in similar situations, the Amsoil 0w-30 can do a longer oci than GC? What percentage of oil geeks go linger than 12-15k miles between changes?
I have been using the 0W30 in one car in annual OCI with about 12,000-15,000 in a year, about 5 years now. Been doing fine but I have a suspicion the new formula is causing some minor consumption that was not there before. Will continue with the 0W30 and see. On one other engine the 0W30 did not do well, in fact, neither did the 10W30 or the series 3000 5W30 in there now. Just gets terrible wear numbers and I am and switching to a dino brew and a 3000 mile OCI. Not all engines do well on all oils etc. On one engine now I went from the Amsoil 10W30 to a 50-50 mix of the 5W30 Series 3000 and the 10W40 (7 1/2W 35 so to speak) . MPG the same as the 10W30, consumption the same but definitely sounds quieter and smoother then on straight 10W30. Will see. I did stop using the Amsoil filters though, just too pricey since the Donaldson switch.
Louie, The regular Amsoil 5w-30/ASL &10w-30/ATM compare very favorably to the GC, particularly in terms of extended drain capability. I've run 15k/1 year change intervals with the 10w-30 since 1985 with excellent results in several VW/Audi and Toyota engines. I've yet to see anyone try to run the GC much past 10k miles. I'd be honestly surprised if the GC has enough TBN reserve to last for 15,000 miles in most applications. It's excellent stuff, but not what I'd call a real extended drain formulation to the degree that Amsoil and the Mobil 1/EP are.... TS
This oil dood.......hate the word geek... thinks about the same as Spector and TooSlick. I too am doing the 12-15 K Amsoil thing and am going away from the Amsoil EaO filter replacing it with the Napa Gold. The last 2 analysis in my family tree have shown that 12-15 K is all that is going to be had with Amsoil....still those numbers are very good. I am now planning a mix of 10-40 Chevron Supreme and Amsoil 10-30 for the Summer. Hope to see 7.5 K and a good analysis too boot with this mixture.
"GC is about $5/qt. Castrol is taking a loss or just breaking even." how about very ball park but you get the idea: PAO @ 8.00 gal @ 70% Equals $5.60 ESTER VII @ 20.00 gal @ 20% Equals $4.00 PCMO Add Pak @ 12.00 gal @ 10% Equals $1.20 Total per gallon about $10.80 or $2.70 quart. Add .50 quart for packaging/label so how about $3.20 quart cost and I think that is high. bruce
With the other cost associated with marketing the product...I bet Castrol will see less than 50cent profit at the end. Then add in equiptment replacement, research, and employee related costs and corporate greed...(did I say that) I meant corporate salaries...and Pablo is in the ballpark!
Originally posted by Pablo: I think the base oils in GC are a bit more than $8/gallon.
GC is mostly PAO it sells for $7-8.00 gallon ESTER VII they use is about $20.00 used at about 20%wt. majority of GC is PAO. bruce
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