Amsoil stock in Vette C4 Rear?

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Nov 16, 2002
A friend of mine knows a guy who had a C4 that came with Amsoil in the rear. Anyone know if GM uses there fluids on a regular basis? I know a local Chevy dealer near me carries Amsoil so my thinking is maybe they ran out of M1 or just prefered Amsoil.
The last time my boss had his Infinti serviced by the dealer the bill he got stated that both the engine oil and traany fluid was Amsoil.I thought that was cool to see the dealers using a high end synthetic instead of the usual drum oil that they are know for.
Amsoil does not sell to any manufactures, so GM did not install it. Dealer sell it though. There are 2 GM dealer I am aware of the have it in the parts department along with Mobil 1. Customer gets what they want.

That said, I have heard of some Corvette specialty dealers who do this. They install Amsoil products, oil, lubes, filters etc. They also will install other products but these are not the normal Chevy dealers.

btw-The rumor was floating around the net they were making the new Harley-Davidson synthetic oil too but that was just rumors and not true. Amsoil claims they would not sell there products to be repackages under another brand name or with recognition.
I thought we covered this before? In addition to a big no for Amsoil ever being installed at any GM factory I did some additional research. I found out that while not a factory fill AMsoil is an aproved lubricant for Alisons C4 transmission! This not to be confused with C4 Corvette. You might put this question to the lads and lass's at Bowling Green. I am sure that they can confirm that Amsoil was never offered as a factory fill. The offical GM Corvette Muesem is at the Bowling Green Assemble plant. THis was the only ting I could find about Amsoil and C4.

I think someone is blowing smoke up your frinds rear end.

It has been my experince that Corvette owners have selective hearing. Many people will tell a Corvette owner what they think they want to hear or what they think they will belive. Most of the die hard Vette owners are too anal to let any one else toch their car and would not fall this type of gag. Just my opion though. While I do not do it any more I used to work with Vette owners that did show circuit and contests like top flight etc...... I do not miss it at all.

If ever we meet for a get together I will share some of my more interesting Corvette story's with you.
It was actually a C5 Z06. Aparently they use a variety of rear fluids. We did cover this, it's in the other section.

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