Amsoil SSO 0W-30, 9,850 mi, 2002 Dodge RAM 1500

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May 25, 2005
CT, YL of USSA aka Oceania
Here is a UOA from my friends 2002 2WD Dodge RAM 1500 with approximately 72,000 when the UOA was done. He uses a K&N air filter that appears that it was not oiled properly during the OCI. What do you think?

Agree with Pablo - there is something VERY wrong with that truck. An Si count of 19 over almost 10k miles is not bad, and doesn't account for that amount of wear.

Has this truck been severely neglected, or is it hideously aboused?
My nephew has a Dodge truck about this age and had to replace the engine with 70,000 miles that failed. He told me there was a lot of failures about that time with these engines.
This was a 1 year, 9850mi OCI. His commute is ~4mi each way in CT. M1 was used as a makeup oil and he added only 3/4 qt. It was his second run of SSO and he is now running Amsoil 5W-30, SSO was too much for him. I suggested that he use an OTC synthetic if he feels the need to stay with a synthetic. I'm on the fence about him staying with synthetic because of his short commute. Regardless, he'll have to cut the OCI down to 5k or less. He bought a Honda Accord 2dr in March that is now his main daily driver, and the pickup sits most of the time now.
I don't know, SSO is pretty exotic so you might want to stick with this oil for a period of time. It does look though that there is some contamination of some sort going on. Definitely NOT pure SSO.
The very short trips are probably allowing moisture and acids to build up and not get burned off, which is accelerating wear. A HDEO, such as ACD 30, might help with this, if your buddy likes Amsoil. Its cheaper, too.
I agree - it 'looks' more like TSO, not SSO. TSO used about the same amount of Ca, and some Mag in the add-pack. SSO uses a lot more Ca, and no Mag in its add-pack.
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