AMSOIL Series 2000

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May 23, 2004
I went to buy Series 2000 20W50 and the dealer was dead against it. HE said it is too thick for my application and I will be losing power. Instead he sold me the resgular 20W50. If both have same grade then why would one be thicker than the other one? what is so special about Series 2000? I hope one of the AMS reps here can explain. Thanks in advance.
Originally posted by kickster: I went to buy Series 2000 20W50 and the dealer was dead against it. HE said it is too thick for my application and I will be losing power. Instead he sold me the resgular 20W50.
It seems odd because those two oils are virtually the same viscosity. The series 2000 has a viscosity of 18.3cst at 100c, while the regular 20w50 is 18.1. Your engine won't know the difference between those two. Their viscosity at 40c is practically the same too, the series 2000 is 128.1, the regular is 126. Sounds like this particular Amsoil dealer isn't all that knowledgeable about oil.
It might be that he didn't have any S-2000 in stock and wanted to sell you what he had. His reasoning is completely silly to discourage one 20W-50 and recommend another because of the viscosity.
Another full of crap dealer. I can't believe he would say such a thing....the Series 2000 is a great oil, actually. The regular synthetic 20W-50. while cheaper is just so-so and may even thicken up a bit with use, unlike the Series 2000. The Series 2000 uses a different basestock and much less VII (viscosity index improvers). I ran it in my turbo and have been quite amazed. One interval it did shear down to a high 40, but my turbo car is hard on oil. OK so you live in Canada, yes? Why the 20W-50? What car?
It just hit had asked about your oil darkening and I asked you which 20W-50. Now it fits. That oil will darken quickly. Not a bad thing and I still think an analysis would be good. Color of oil is not everything. BUT that said, you would have been much better served by the Series 2000 20W-50, so that guy didn't do you a favor, unless he gave you an exceptional price. Mind me asking? How much did he charge you?
Kickster, It sounds like a classic case of selling what he has instead of selling you what you want! Why did you buy it if it was not what you wanted? He probably does not sell much 20W50 in either product. You might check the date code on the bottle if Amsoil does that to make sure he did not sell you some 4 year old 20W50! I am sure the Amsoil guys on this site can help you with that! If I want Amsoil products I would definately only buy from the Site Sponsors on this site. First they will sell you what you want even if they advise against it. Second they have good priceing. Third you can trust them not to run a bait and switch or any other scam on you!
I paid $9.2 Can$ for a bottle. when I asked for Series 2000 20W50 he told me that since this is a race oil it will takes a long time to warm up and during this time it will be taking away the power. He said he used it in his own car and he noticed losing power compare to regular 20W50.
kickster, the guy is dead wrong and it ****** me off that their are so many stupid Amsoil sales people. S2k 20w-50 is a superior oil in every way, shape and form. It's a no contest. He must have been out of stock of the S2k and wanted to sell you that. S2k is more friction modified and MORE power, not less, would be gained from this oil.
Thanks for your replies. It is for my 1988 VW Jetta 2.0 8v. It has 11:1 CR big duration cam. I use it for solo1 solo2 and some lapping. this car gets less than 4000 KM of street driving and I change the oil once a year. (no winter driving at all )
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