Amsoil Series 2000 0W30 or Series 3000 5W30 for Nissan Pickup

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Jul 2, 2003
I searched UOAs and came up empty...I am thinking about putting Amsoil Series 2000 0W30 or Series 3000 5W30 in my son's '94 Nissan Hardbody Truck. "Context": has 111,000 miles but uses no oil between changes; currently using Valvoline Maxlife which I want to get away from; he puts about 6000 miles a year on it, mostly highway but he will probably be using it to get to class (he's in college). Some of the miles are hard miles because it is his "get to skiing" truck and he occasionally has it in 4 wheel drive but mostly 2 wheel. The trip to the ski areas is a long uphill (100 miles) from Boulder CO (and he makes the trip 10-15 times per ski season). I'd like to go to Amsoil because I want to reduce the number of oil changes per year (he is not a do it yourselfer and I am not crazy about Xlube) plus his filter is a bear to get to (under the exhaust manifold and an awkward grab). Would really appreciate knowing what you think or if you have a better idea.

Sounds like a good plan. The 5w30 should work just fine and it's cheaper too. The only reason to go with their 0w30 formula would be for super extended drains or extreme cold (like Alaska)
Either would work, as would the ASL 5W-30 for a little less cash.

Pressed hard - I would say for such a vehicle the HDD Series 3000 5W-30 would be the ticket.

Without a doubt do the full high mileage AutoRx treatment first. It makes a WORLD of difference to start with a truly clean engine
Doh, I meant the ASL 5w30 in my previous reply! I didn't realize he had mentioned the Series 3k 5w30, my bad.
I'd probably use the Series 3000, 5w-30, but either will work just fine ....

I would agree with Pablo about running some Auto RX first ...with that many miles you are always going to have some deposit buildup.

Thanks, Guys...I am planning to do the AutoRX treatments followed by the Series 3000 5W30.
I agree either 0w-30 or S3k. S3k is quite possibly the best long drain lube on the market.
Having the current scenario as you will soon have with a child in college and a car I now change the oil once a year on that car using the 0W30. the car gets 8-10,000 miles a year. UOA has been fine. Asuming that the engine is basically clean and operating fine.
Thanks for your responses.


Engine is operating fine...the "clean part" (it has had oil change intervals of less than 3K since I have owned it---about 18K miles, but don't know about before), I'll have to address with Auto Rx.

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