Amsoil says M1 not synthetic

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May 30, 2002
I over heard an Amsoil dealer at the State Fair booth telling a guy that Mobil 1 is not a true synthetic. He said since the Castrol lawsuit, that Mobil 1 has been 20% petroleum. Maybe this is true?
Wow JonS! You're member #38, since May '02, and you're thinking M1 is not true synthetic because of what you over heard from an AMSOIL dealer?

Originally posted by Pablo:

Yes, but an Amsoil dealer did say it.

In a way, that's like Amsoil said it. It's a shame that there are reps out there that would stoop to lying just to "pump-up" their product. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash Amsoil as it appears to be an excellent oil, but I'm not thrilled with their sales setup.
Not many people are thrilled at their sales setup.

It's a shame that too many of the Amsoil salesmen know little about their oil and their competition's oil. Not here, though, we have a VERY bright bunch of Amsoil guys!
Like any other sales organization - if the boss finds out about a salesperson lying he will be rewarded.

Second of all - "I overheard a dealer say...." may not be strong evidence in court.

Seriously there is NOTHING in ANY of the Amsoil dealer training material about lying or M1.....I haven't seen the oil sales training material for the Walmart employees.
I heard the EXACT same claim about Mobil 1 from the Amsoil rep at the Cuyahoga County (that's Cleveland, OH, folks) Fair last summer.
It would be interesting to take a poll of Amsoil dealers and see what percentage think M1 is Group III.
I think Amsoil makes some vey good products, and is well represented on this forum by the very knowledgeable and expert people who are know Amsoil products.

But, there are people in the Amsoil front lines who drove me away from the product years ago...people who would pepper every forum with Amoil sale pitches.

The Amsoil guy I know just changes every customer to Amsoil at 1 year/ 25,000 mile OCI's.

I spoke to him about Oil Analysis, and changing oil filters, bypass filters, and topping off during the 25,000.

I also asked about whether he had concerns about the high amount of dust, and Mag Chlor salt we have. Since we drive a lot on forest service roads during the summer and during hunting season, and there are many trips into the desert.

We also face tons of liquid Mag Chlor sprayed on the highways during the winter.

As far as I can tell, he has no interest or cancerns in these areas He does not do anything but switch people to Amsoil and tell them to come back in 365 days, or 25,000 miles.

And in a state like Colorado 25,000 miles in a year is not uncommon.

Driving up long mountain passes at wide open throttle for 10 minutes or longer 6 times in a day is also not uncommon. Nor is towing heavy loads up these passes.

My first thought talking to this guy is that the Amsoil will probably make it the 25,000 miles and he won't see engine failures.... but I would think that these engines may not last as long as they could.
Mobil owns the market and is Amsoil's biggest threat. I have no issues with their oils. In fact I like many of them. But I do not like their dealers. Only the ones on BITOG. Even some of their top dealers, those pictured in Action News, will tell people false information. If Amsoil cleaned up their act, and fixed this problem and let the quality of the product sell itself, I believe more would use Amsoil.
Regardless of how good Amsoil is, it always reeks of a MLM scam, and having independant reps say whatever they like doesn't help the image.

Of course, selling at state fairs doesn't either.

I hate that I can't search for valvoline synthetic oil treatment without being flooded with 50 bazillion pages of the same Amsoil marketing yaya from all the reps.
I won't buy Amsoil regardless of what I hear abou them or anybody else just because of the way their sales system is setup. Much of the same reason I won't buy anything from any pyramid sales organization.
They do make it easy to sell the product but most I feel never do any training to learn about the oil industry. Therefore you get this kind of result.So is Mobil 1 a blend or not
I agree with "Buster". I LOVE most of their products,but only order online. SOME of the dealers are less than realistic with their product application recommendations. There was even ONE that was TRYING to TELL me that what I PERSONALLY WAS EXPERIENCING was IMPOSSIBLE based on his knowledge. I have no time for arrogant,know-it-alls.

We have 3 Amsoil Dealers that are Site Sponsors. And only 3. We have Don Stefanik who is in Canada, Pablo on the West coast of the U.S. and MSparks on the East Coast of the U.S. These 3 are very credible, that is why they are on here. You can find their listing under Site Sponsors. Any other member that posts on Amsoil is just that, a member of BITOG, not a Sponsor or Dealer.

Probably the only way I can say it, is why not support the people that support the Board if you are going to buy Amsoil.

Our local farm store has Amsoil 10/30 for ~ $6.00 / qt.

Is that a typical per quart price?
When I put meetings on at the Toronto warehouse I always stress to the dealers to be up front and NOT make wild claims. The ones that do make those claims are not being educated by their upline and that is a shame.

I have a toll free # that anyone of my downline dealers can call on anytime.
Being honest and straight forword with your customers is my mantra.

As for the MLM part of the business. I have no problem with it. There are a lot of people who make a full time business out of AMSOIL and I'm one of them now. Those that are detractors are in most cases either jealous and or just want to buy products as cheaply as possible. The problem there is what kind of service will you get then.

I warehouse a large amount of products and when I deliver or when customers pick up products I don't charge frieght.
Service is # 1 with me.
I have Visa, M/C , and debit for my customers conveniance.

Those that purchase online I give very good discounts.
It's all to make the AMSOIL experience a pleasurable one. When I have customers come they usually stay for a 1/2hr or more. They enjoy talking and spending time here.
Thanks Vetteman.

I guess I can understand that some people have a built in bias against MLM. Just the way life is - we buy 99% of our crap from stores and their supply chains and middlemen and thoroughly honest retail sales people.

What I don't understand is people's hatred, and I mean vile hatred for Amsoil and anyone involved, because the owner choose a totally legal and ethical method of sales and distribution. The implication that Amsoil is a pyramid or a scheme is just wrong. Sure a lot of people, Amsoil dealers included, will say anything to sell product - but in my experience this more common with people selling appliances, cars, shampoo and cat litter than it is with Amsoil.
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