Amsoil s2k 02 nissan altima 10,000 report

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Jun 26, 2004
Santa Cruz
The report showed everything good except the viscosity.The report stated that the viscosity was equal to 15/40 instead of the 0/30 stated on the label.When I e-mailed Amsoil they said you should be happy with the report!!! as the wear #'s where great!! I complained to them that it wasn't just the extended use that attracted me to the s2k,but also the ability to run in colder climates and the claimed fuel savings.My car has 72,000 miles on it and I commute 400 miles a week. 50% in the mountains and 50% freeway driving.Within the 10,000 miles I added 5 make-up quarts for oil changes and topping off. I change filters every 5,000 miles (K&N). I have a few questions that Amsoil had a hard time answering. Why did the viscosisty increase to 15/40? Will the viscosisty increase much more? Will 15/40 be a problem when the weather drops to 27 degrees? Will the higher viscosity hurt or help the gas mileage?
You had to add 5 qts during a 10k mile OCI?
Dont take offense to this, but if you had to add 5 qts. of oil during your 10k interval, that UOA is totally bogus. Think about it, you basically changed the oil by burning 5 qts and adding 5qts. With an oil replenish of that rate, Dino would have a good report at 10k.

1) Did you post your UOA? I would like to see the numbers.
2) What are the actual viscosity numbers?
3) How do they know it's a 15W?? Most labs don't check the winter side, just the 100°C side. Is the lab just speculating on the 15W-40?
4) Yes Amsoil 0W and 5W will thicken to a 40 in some cars, but it starts very close to a 40 in the first place. Again we need the numbers.
3) 5 qts of oil in 10000 miles is huge say the your car OK?
Please post your uoa results in the board's uoa section. We need to see the numbers.

Did Blackstone do the analysis?

It is not uncommon for Amsoil xw-30 to become a 40 weight over an extended drain interval due to high insolubles and other debris. I have had this happen with both a 94 altima and 2k maxima.

As mentioned before, please post the #'s and comments from the lab that did the analysis.

I am more convinced everyday that Amsoil or any other synthetic oil needs lube control in order to go 6+ months without thickening.

I also believe that the slightly oversized Amsoil SDF 20 oil filter would be the best choice for your vehicle.
Spent 2 hours trying to cut and paste the pdf. oil report.Couldn't,so I'm going to type it.
Blackstones Comments: Your oil use interval of 10K miles is more than twice as long as our average oil sample from this type engine has on it. Universal averages show typical wear metals for an oil from this type of engine after about 4,900 miles run on the oil. The excellent wear we found for your engine shows you are doing something right. Air and oil filration look okay. The oil's viscosity was high for an 0W/30,reading in the 15W/40 range. We found no gas,moisture or anti-freeze in your sample the oil could have stayed in use longer. The TBN was 5.3,still plenty high.

Aluminum 3
Chromium 1
Iron 14
Copper 6
Lead 1
Tin 0
Moly 3
Nickel 1
Manganese 0
Silver 0
Titanium 0
Potassium 0
Boron 0
Silicon 11
Sodium 5
Calcium 2653
Magnesium 811
Phosphorus 922
Zinc 1300
Barium 0

Sub Vis at 210 degrees F 72.7
Flash point less than 420
Fuel O.5
Insol 0.4
Engine 2.5 liter 4cyl nissan
I'm not kidding about the 5 quart oil make up. I recently took the car to the dealer (before my extended warranty expires) They topped off the oil , will recheck the level after 1K to see how much is consumed.The shop forman said"Nissan says that 1 quart per 1K is acceptable" My car currenty uses 1 quart per 2K. My car runs good,doesn't smoke, and gets about 23 mpg. I don't feel that 1 quart per 1K or 2K is acceptable . I had cars with twice the mileage and they never used more than about 1/2 a quart per 3K. Any Thoughts?
So they are saying that on your 10K OCI it would be cool to burn 10 quarts of oil? EEK! That's scary. I recently ran a 10K OCI on my Jeep and as far as I can tell I used no oil.

Your numbers look good to me. Maybe one of the smart guys will be able to see something I don't.
1) You need to post this in UOA forum, maybe the mods can move it for you

2) Your wear numbers and TBN do look good.

3) Yep oil did thicken, as the 0W and 5W-30 Amsoil tend to do. But to call it a 15W-40 is not correct. Merely changing one grade in extended use is not reason for rejection. It seems to creep people out - I say if really bugs you, try some Lube Control. LC will not only thin your oil via solvency and dilution, it will add some cleaning ability as well.

I wonder why the consumption....if the dealer won't help and you like the car, it's worth doing an AutoRx treatment...and if that doesn't help....I would use a less expensive oil.
I've used synthetic oil for many years and also Amsoil S2K 0-30 for exteded OCI and was confident of it's usage...I learned of Lube Control and Fuel Power from this site and was very curious as what benifit it would give to synthetic oil. I've used name brand fuel injector cleaners but NO OIL additives as didn't think synthetic oil needed it. I decided to have a UOA and from this site Terry Dyson appealed to me as all around and an intelligent indivisual so I gave a shot to check my oil to be safe on my OCI. From his data base I realized that Amsoil does thicken in grade and he recommended Lube Control and Fuel Power. I haven't gone back as I was amazed as these two products gave so much cleaning power in the fuel combution and Lube Control in the engine that willl slow the thickening of synthetic oil and clean the engine as synthetic has it's limit. And it's safe as no side effects in any manner. I'm amazed at these two Products and I got to Thank Terry and from this site of learning of Lube Control and Fuel Power as these products has done wonders for my synthetic oil and OCI and feel very confident of extended OCI with synthetic oil.
OMG!!!! I used to work as a Nissan tech and I have personally seen and replaced the QR25DE engien you have and I can say that-the engine sucks for reliability. Reason is that, the catalyst burns up due to too much fuel and too hot runnign of an engine during cold-start light off. They chagned this potential problem has been rectified (electroncially) w/ new programming for the ECM. this fixed (supposedly) the light off overheating of the catalyst issue.

however, the NUMBER 1 symptoms of an engine needing replacement is....OIL CONSUMPTION!!!! and it must be excessive!! And you would have defientley gotten an new engine from us. Sounds like that tech was literally feeding you a line to not have to replace the engine. Not sure why he didnt want to as it pays 8 hours. anyway, good luck.
Thanks for the info!!! I have heard and read about the problem with the cat,but never heard it explained in as much detail as you have... I will definitly use this info when I go back to the dealer after the 1k top off check. I don't think the Tech is trying to screw me,he is doing what Nissan has requested,top off oil to the full level and recheck in 1K.My car from day one has used 1 quart per 2K ,but seems to be getting worse. I didn't change to Amsoil until 50K. Until then I used Dino ....
If all this has killed the cat, then you should have warranty recourse. Don't cats have to last 150K?? This is terrible for such a new car. I assume to have to pass emissions testing??

I wouldn't mention using synthetic to the dealer and just use cheap SL dino until they fix the problem.
I bought the extended 100K warranty.I haven't had to smog it yet,maybe next year. I think they give you a three year break on a new car. I had the same idea,how can it pass smog if it uses so much oil. I think the cats are only warranted to 50K mabe 60K .
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