Amsoil S2000 Game Plan?

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Oct 20, 2003
Eastern Pa.
History first. Vehicle is a 96 Ford Explorer, 4.0 OHV engine, 4WD Auto. Currently 186K miles.Oil and filter changes at 4 thou, STP or Fram filters until I saw here what junk Fram is. 10-30 summer, 5-30 winter Mobil regular oil. Changed the whole thing over to Amsoil syn products appropriate for the device. The engine was Amsoil engine flushed for 25 minutes with new filter per instructions. Installed an SDF15 filter and 5 qts. of 0-30 S2000 oil. Advice from this board says "ease into extended change" so I plan to do a filter replacement at 6K miles, top off with a quart and run another 6K. Do a UOA to check on oil/filter performance and to see if the OCI can be extended another 6K. Does this sound reasonable for a hi mileage vehicle in great shape? Any other tid-bits to help the change over?
A few notes on "the change", tranny shifts MUCH better, engine is smoother, less noisy, and did NOT start to leak oil or add to the small front crankshaft leak it has had for years. Has not used a drop in 1500 miles. Can't testify to any great mileage increase, we now have the crappy winter gas and butt deep snow. So far I am impressed with Amsoil products and intend to do my 98 F150 when it warms up a tad. Thanks in advance.
Sounds like a plan. I'd sample early as you mentioned, for saftey and take it from there. Surprised to see you change to sythetic with such high mileage. Might take several runs as the oil will be cleaning. Might want to run AutoRx as well. I'd sample the oil at 5k miles and then add 1 bottle of AutoRx to that oil and run it another 1200 miles. Drain and repeat then start over with S2k.
Thanks Buster. The wife puts lots of miles on her Explorer, any where between 40 and 175 per day. Last winter was a bite, changing the oil with 500 lbs. of ice and snow dripping down my arm was the incentive to try to extend into spring. The reduced wear and higher gas mileage would be a plus. I need to get many more miles out of it as the daughter will be getting her license in a year and will get the hand down. It has been good so far, want to keep it that way. The best lubricants are cheap insurance IMHO.

The Series 2000 is very highly detergent, so you will continue to get a cleaning effect even after using the flush. It is not necessary to drain the first batch after only 6000 miles. What I would do is simply change oil filters & topoff the crankcase every 5000 miles, with this first batch you run, and change the oil/filter after 15,000 miles/1 year. Oil consumption will significantly decrease once all the preexisting sludge/varnish/carbon deposits are removed.

It will take up to 3000 miles to see the best results with the S2000 in a high mileage engine. The key to getting quicker results is to get the oil very hot for a sustained period of time, which activates the unique type of antiwear additive chemistry they are using here ...

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