Amsoil recommendation

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Jun 8, 2004
Lancaster, Pa
I am planning on changing over to Amsoil in my 1996 Chevy Blazer. I have done some research as to what is specified and would like confirmation from you outrageously intelligent individuals on this site. I get to bed later and later as I keep reading all the info. I am bummed it took so long to find the site. I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania and have been using a 10W-30 in the past. I appreciate any input. Amsoil selections so far based an approx 7000 to 8000 mile interval change: Engine oil - 10W-30 not sure which one Transmission fluid: ?? Differential: Synthetic Gear 80w-90 Transfer Case- AF3
Engine oil-- 10W-30 is a good choice. Personally, I use the Series 2000 0W-30 in all my cars. Automatic tranny, use ATF. Same in transfer case. Differential--go ape, get the best which is the Series 2000 75W-90. Will cost you a couple bucks more, and is well worth it for the better product. If you haven't been using synthetic until now, I recommend using the engine flush first.
By the way I just did a 3 quart change using the AMSOIL ATF in my 2000 Honda Accord and I'll sware it's shifting a LOT better. I like it so much I'm going to do another 3quart change.
Soon after I purchased the vehicle(May)I put Mobil 1 in(easy to buy and was going on a trip). I soon developed what I thought was lifter noise. This is a 1996 Blazer with only 50k miles on it. My thoughts were that since it wasn't driven that much, it could use a cleaning, but not too drastic. So I used Seafoam. Today, I changed oil again with Mobil 1, and I put on a Donaldson filter. I went for a test drive and there is no lifter noise. I plan on going 5 or 6 k miles then changing to Amsoil. It is an Auto tranny, only one available in the 4 door(which I didn't state). So ATF in tranny and transfer case, ATM 10W-30 oil, and Series 2000 75W-90 in differential. Thanks. I will be doing the differntial soon.
I strongly agree with Dick about using the Amsoil Engine Flush. Follow the directions on the can and run it for 20-25 minutes, along with a new oil filter .... TS
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