Amsoil racing oil in Honda and limited slip KAAZ

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Feb 7, 2010
I have a question for you.
I have a Honda Civic.
Auto start only in rallies:

It is a Honda Civic with KAAZ limited slip.

Now I used oil:
Engine - Amsoil 15W50 Dominator
Transmission with limited slip KAAZ - Amsoil SVG 75W90

Is this a good choice?

The second question;

Is oil Amsoil 15W50 Dominator on how long enough, you can hold 1,000 miles in rally conditions?

Please answer
Peter -
Are you doing fast, TSD (time,speed, distance) 'road' rallies, or a local, amateur version of WRC-like stage rallies??

Does KAAZ have a special, bespoke, friction modifier additive for the complex, mucho multiple plate, clutch pack in their diffs??

What gear oil do THEY suggest?
cobra: Ask for an answer but sometimes you have to wait and I'm from Polish

Reply with KAAZ:

Hi Piotr,

Thanks for your inquiry.
You can use any brand non-synthetic gear oil as long as it is GL5 specification or
higher and it is 80w90 weight. For the lsd friction modifier, please use the one for
the Ford application. 75w140 can be used but please make sure you warm up the oil
before racing use.

Our Kaaz oil will not affect the Honda sychros but some brand may not work well with
Honda synchro. Please do some research on the web for compatibility with Honda
transmission when using different brand oil. Motul or Torco are also brands we
recommend for usage.

Please make sure the oil has weight of at least 80w90. Anything lighter will not be
sufficient enough to lubricate the lsd unit.

Best Regards,
Ray / Kaaz USA

The car takes off in the championship of the country!
This is not a show car.
It competes with the best rally car in Poland and Europe.

I do not expect answers call to Amsoil but the answers from someone who has some experience and can advise something

best Regard
So you compete in the Polska National Championship, or the European Rally Championship??

What class?

The Torco RGO (their mineral based gear oil) is pretty good stuff, I have used it in the past (in 80W-140 weight).
As is the Motul 90PA (100% mineral based), and the Motul Gear Box 80W-90, but this latter one is a partial synthetic, so it may be a no-go for the KAAZ unit.

The Motorcraft XL-3 limited slip friction modifier additive KAAZ has told you to use is the best out there!
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