Amsoil Questions

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Jul 30, 2003
Rhode Island
Thinking about swtiching to Amsoil synthetic from conventional 10w30. My car is a 95 jetta 2.0 with 105k miles with a few performance mods, so it gets driven fairly spirited. My questions are if i switch should i stick with 10w30? i live in RI, so winters get pretty cold, and summers are usually upper 80s, low 90s. also, im skeptical of Amsoils claimed 25k drain intervals. what is a good interval to change the oil at given the fact that i commute 60 miles daily from september to may? and lastly, what is a good filter to use and how often should i do a filter change? thank you for answering these questions
I'd run 0w/5w-30 in the winter, and or all year round. Amsoil makes a shear stable oil so using the S2k all year round is fine. The 5w/10w-30 oils seem to be more consistant in there results. 25k miles IMO is really only ideal under the most ideal conditions, and especially when using a bypass filter. Try using any of the oils mentioned above and them take a sample and send it off. [Cheers!] S2k is more money, but could serve you well all year round.
duba - buster nailed it [Patriot] The only thing I would add is to start with a high mileage autoRx treatment. Another thing Buster missed [Big Grin] don't go beyond 7500 miles the first extended interval without a UOA - then ease longer from there. And all those oils shouldn't go longer than 12 months in your car.
OK, Pablo, I'm on an S3K kick...what about the 5W30 with a filter change at 7500 using either the Amsoil filter or something like a Baldwin or a Fleetguard and easing into longer intervals (if he so chooses) based on a UOA like you suggested? The S3K is the same price per qt as S2K 0W30, right?
I'm running Amsoil 10-30 with UOA at 5K and plans to go to 10k. Used to run Amsoil 0-30. Just doing a little experimenting. I'd definitely use the AutoRx treatment. I just bought a v6 Accord with 107,000. I used the Amsoil flush at the innital change and am currently doing the AutoRx hi-mileage treatment with Chevron Supreme 10-30 dino. ONce I'm finished with the AutoRx, I'm gonna use the Amsoil 10-30 with Lube control and do some UOA. I am a believer in Amsoil. I just don't know if the 0-30 is worth the extra money. [I dont know] If money wasn't an issue, I'd probably use the 0-30 year round. I maintain 5 vehicles [Duh!]
For the filter I'm going to recommend that you stick with the OEM and use a Mann W719/30. They can be mail-ordered from several on-line retailers for cheap.
Hello fellow Rhodyite (is that a word???) [Big Grin] I run Amsoil 5W-30 all year in my cars, including my Corvette. I haven't yet seen the need to go to the 10W-30 as the 5W-30 seems to have excellent characteristics both hot and cold.
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