Amsoil Quality Question

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Nov 23, 2004
River Falls, WI
I for the life of me can't figure out why when I go by the Amsoil shelf at my local Fleet Farm here in Wisconsin, and see the Amsoil Performance Improver bottles ...and what do I see ? Each bottle filled to differnt levels....some to the top and some half way up the neck.

With Amsoil's "tremendous quality" why in the heck can't they fill the bottles to the same level ? With this it just makes me question the fact that if they can't handle the small stuff...whose doing the mixing and watching this stuff go out the door...

Not very impressive...if you ask me....??? Must have little ol' ladies fillin the bottles by hand or something...

Geez...come on...

sorry for the rant but you'd have to see 25 bottles and all filled to differnt $7 bucks a bottle they should fill them to the top....

..Tony steps down off his soap box...
Well, look at it this way. 16oz, the saleable amount is about 1 inch up to neck from the body of the bottle. Did you see any bottles below this level? I have not. Consider the other bottles with more to have a bonus content in them and quit bashing. FYI: It will benefit you to by the ones with more in.
I never heard of any quality problems with Amsoil. In fact, they have a very good reputation with quality control.
The only quality problem with Amsoil are the millions of dealers that sell it.

Are they all the same date-lot code?

I would also say 16oz is about 1.1" from where the neckage starts.

Now that's a good question....the ones' I buy are filled to the can't see the level....

I don't know....I will have to check when I go back....
When I used the PI, most of them were filled way above the 16 ounce mark. Though when I opened them and took out the seal, the level went down a little bit, but still above the 16 ounce mark.

First oil I bought was like 1/4" above the 32 ounce mark. But since then I have yet to see any of the oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, etc. come higher, or lower, than 32 ounces.
May be it is a vortex problem when filling bottles with fluid of certain viscosity? Machine does not distinguish between bottles with and without vortex in them, so it is programmed to fill up to the top. The bottles that develop vortex are filled somewhat slower, so they get the "right" amount of fluid, above certain level.
Some of the more volatile portions of the product will evaporate out of the PI bottles over time. I've also noticed this with the Amsoil two stroke oils...the solvent goes out the unopened bottles and they "pucker" after about six months to a year....

When I order cases of PI, all the new bottles are filled slightly above the 16 Oz line. The engine oil bottles are filled to the 1 Liter mark.

Oil companies fill by weight, not by volume. This allows for expansion and contraction the the different bottles or drums depending on the temps and pressure conditions.

Each product, oil, chemicals, heck even water weighs so much per oz., quart, or gallon.
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