Amsoil- Poor Reply IMO

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Jun 10, 2002
Chattanooga, TN
Based upon a recent oil analysis report I sent the following question to Amsoil Technical Services.

"Recent oil analysis indicates a large increase in the ppm for Boron. Looking back upon years of 10W30 usage ATM, I see Boron at always less then 10 ppm whereas now it has gone into the teens and twenties. Have you changed the formulation? If so what amount of Boron is in a virgin sample of 10W30 ATM?

Amsoil Tech Services Response?
"Any element that is tested will fluctuate up or down due to machine sensitivity and calibration, slight changes in additive chemistry, batch number, or reformulation. To find out what the PPM of boron in a virgin sample of the ATM product, I recommend a baseline test of the oil out of a new bottle of the case you purchased.?

Sorry, I do not call this an answer. Almost like on average they have no concept of how much boron goes into a quart of their oil?

Oh well, guess I should have expected this.

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Someone at Amsoil decided how much Boron goes into the oil! It should be very known how much is in their oil!
Years ago I noticed a spiked livel of Potassium in the analysis and asked Amosil to verify. They came back and said that they changed the formula and because so many people asked the question (fearful of coolant leak) they went back to the old formula. Years ago I also also asked about silicon in the oil and they confirmed 10-15 ppm was an additive.

I guess I expected a similar response or at least a range of numbers. Very dissapointed to be told go and get an analysis when they should have a range to tell people. Someone mentioned a while ago that Amsoil has a habit of changing formulations without notifying anyone. My experience confirms this. Just expected a more professional response.
I asked Red Line a couple of weeks ago about their basestock and what percent ester they use. There was no response except when I asked them about useing some PAOs. They could not say what teh basestock contains. This doesn't sit well with me. Red Line is also not API certfied. I've used Red Line oil in my modified F-150. I've used Water wetter, D4 ATF, and gear lube, also SI-1 FSC. Red Line is a great product, but I don't understand why oil companies aren't more consumer friendly.

I decided to use Mobil 1 5W30 in my 03 Mustang GT, but I still have Red line Water Wetter and Red Line D4 ATF in the manual tranny.

It's good shiX
Amsoil is pretty **** straight forward if you ask me. I gripe at them from time to time for other reasons but they don't hide anything. Mobil on the other hand acts as if there formula is a top secret military oil.

Originally posted by Pablo:
Please ask Mobil, Castrol, Pennzoil, Schaeffers, Redline - to tell you exactly how much B is in their formulation.

I could do that but you see, I don't care. I am trying to address a specific issue with a specific engine and it is Amsoil that I am using and have used for over 10 years. Oh, a dealer for over 10 years also. All I wanted was a range of numbers which, based upon my past experience with them, they have provided. Maybe I just got the wrong person in Tech Support.

The ATM analysis done in the Virgin oil section of this board, I have been told, has now changed and the boron level increased. That is basically what I was trying to confirm.
mf150, thats funny i have called redline tons of times and dave in tech support always gives you amts of any ingrediants i asked!!!! i know all there oils have zinc 1400ppm and phos. 1300ppm and moly 950ppm
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