Amsoil over the counter?

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Nov 29, 2003
There's a quarter-page ad in my paper today (Toledo Blade) offering 10 different Amsoil products for sale at the three Andersons stores in the area. Is this a departure from the way Amsoil products are normally sold...or have I just not been paying attention?

Synthetic motor oil 6.25/qt 5w30-10w30-10-40
Saber Outboard 2-cycle 3.20 8 ounces
HP Injector Synthetic 2 cycle 22.75/gallon
Diesel fuel modifier 5.10 16 ounces
Synthetic water resistant grease 5.39 14 ounce
Synthetic 15w40 Heavy Duty diesel & marine oil
5.70/qt 22.55/gallon
engine flush 4.95 16 ounces
oil filters from 11.10 to 31.00
Interceptor High Performance Synthetic
2-cycle oil 28.10/gallon
DexronIII/Mercon ATF 8.10/qt
I noticed the entire line of AMsoil fluids and filters at a "Salvo" auto parts store here in Baltimore MD. I think maybe some mom and pop auto parts stores carry it.
Non-chain stores (under 8 units or so) are allowed to sell the product. A dealer establishs a retail account.

Those prices are nothing special, I am always most entertained by the retail places selling at a loss or way over suggested retail.

I kind of encourage you guys to buy from a site sponsor, however - FREE shipping.
Yeah the prices at Salvo are pretty steep last time I checked....

I got about 6 more months on my "dealer" status left.

Ironically I find myself using everything else BUT Amsoil.
Napa sells it around here. Limited selection of products though.

One independant motorcycle parts store sells it too, again limited selection.
Salvo Auto parts, 13 locations & Bel Air as the commerical says. The prices are good as compared to what I see on the internet.
I live in Wisconsin and our local Fleet Farm sells Amsoil on the shelf too. It's real handy..

One thing that disturbs me though, I notice that the Performance Improver fluid level in the bottles is all different. Leads me to believe that the quality control is lacking ...I just grab the bottles that are most full, but if you look at that, then hear all the goobly goo of perfection, etc etc ...becomes mute.

This is an obvious issue i.e. you can SEE the differnces in the amount in the bottles just think what you CAN'T see...mixtures, formulations, whose watching that stuff...

Any way..if you live by a fleet farm you can get the stuff cheaper than retail, but not quite at the dealer level...but who cares a few cents, it's definitely conveinient.

GI-Joes in Oregon sells Amsoil. Anywhere from $6.50-$8.50/qt. They also sell Redline, Royal Purple, and all the others.

Gi-Joes has lots of stores all over the Northwest.
I can buy Amsoil at any of 4 auto repair shops (that I know of) within a 15 mile radius of my workplace. There are probably more that I'm just not aware of. It's nice to have the option of buying Amsoil OTC.

I wish there were places that also sold RedLine oil OTC, but that's a story for a different thread, I suppose.
Murray's Auto Parts in the Midwest has Amsoil. First time I've seen it in a regular store. They are a midwest chain of over a hundred stores. Only two types, last time I was there. Also have a couple types of Royal Purple. There house brand oil is made by Citgo, I was told by an employee. Very good prices on the house brand.
NAPA is a franchise and priviately owned. that may be why they can sell amsoil by amsoils rules. the NAPA I used to work at was a chevron distributor, we had pails of every tractor related oil chevron made.
A local performance auto parts place (they sell crate motors, Mustang upgrades, etc) stocks pretty much the entire Redline product line and some Amsoil. They charge $9/qt for (any) Redline and $8.50 for Amsoil 10w30 and 15w40, the two they usually stock. Royal Purple is sold at another specialty performance parts place up the street for $5/qt for the oil.
Just a reminder to those here in Canada that CTC sells for a LOT more than I sell it for.

Even with the shipping it will be cheaper. Plus I sell the full line of AMSOIL products.
In Falls Church, Virginia you can find Amsoil at Fairfax Auto Parts (431 S. Maple Ave.). They also carry a lot of Valvoline specialty oils, like SAE 60 weight racing oil. It's an old fashioned "mom and pop" type auto parts store.
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