Amsoil long term test

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Jun 9, 2004
Raleigh, NC
I am a relatively new Amsoil user, under 2 years, and although I agree it is a good oil (I'm not trying to start a 'who is better' discussion) I do like to read up on the different synthetics and their ratings/comparisons.

All the ratings and comparisons I see are based on -new- oil. What I want to see is how well the oil holds up after 20,000+ miles that Amsoil claims. I am using Series 2000 0w30 which Amsoil states can last up to 35,000 miles or one year (with a filter change ever 12k or 6 months).

Are there any other long-term comparisons out there for Amsoil, or any other synthetic? What I want to see is how well the oil protects after 25,000 miles and one year of use. This would be the ultimate test, and really should concretely prove that Amsoil can handle these long intervals.

BTW, I am about to send my first batch of Series 2000 0w30 for analysis with about 10 months and 12k miles on it. I will post the results in a few weeks.
Thanks. This is the one, and only, long term test I have seen for Amsoil. I'm not sure what conclusions to draw with this test, but the numbers speak for themselves. I would love to see others that would show Amsoil holding up (like it should)...
I think the one thing we are finding out here with more clarity than ANY oil company wants us to know...not all oils do great in all cars and not all cars do great with any given oil....

Mr. Wes, I am very curious how your UOA comes out!
I'm running my own Amsoil experiment right now on my fleet vehicles. I've picked 2 of them for the test and will post the UOA's as they come in, I'm expecting the first one back any second now.

test vehicle A: 2003 Pontiac Montana averaging 6000 miles/month 99% hiway.

test vehicle B: 2003 Pontiac Vibe averaging 3000 miles/month 90% stop and go city driving.

Both have S2000 Ow30 with DR bypass. Filters are SDF-15 and BE-90. This is the first run of synthetic in either of them so I'm a little concerned that it will affect the results but we'll see soon enough. If this stuff really can go 35000 miles you better believe I'll run it that far. Heck, if the UOA's say it's good to 100,000 I'll take that
I would say the Highway miles stands a much better chance to make it than the city driven. I don't know how many miles are on the cars but I would think the AMSOIL 0/30 will have a cleaning effect so you may pickup some insolubles on the first time use. It looks as though your on the right track.
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