amsoil in geo prism, how long

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Sep 3, 2003
i put amsoil asl 5w30 in my sister's 97 geo prism w/ 1.6 4 cyl. w/ the amsoil sdf filter. the engine had 40k on it. will god knows what type of oil was used before. it was a toyota certified used care..not that that means anything. it runs real good thought. how long should i keep it in for this first drain? originally i was just going to change the filter at 10k or 12k and do analysis. thanks for any help
Run the oil for either 6 months or 6-7 thousand miles (whichever comes first). then change the oil & filter and go with the recommended intervals. Also, make sure you do a flush (preferably an amsoil flush, before you switch over on a vehicle with more than 20k )
I'm ultra conservative so if it were me I'd go between 5-8k on the first run, no more than this, and then do an oil analysis. On the second run then go maybe 12-15k if the analysis looked good. By the third interval you might find you can go longer, but I certainly wouldn't push it to the limit until the third interval, I would never try and push it too far on the first or second interval.
Patman (heading for 10K posts, btw) speaks very logically. Follow his advice. Especially since you didn't do an AutoRx treatment, nor do you know the true history of the vehicle.
Those Prizms have great engines. It's actually a Toyota engine and the car is almost identical to the Toyota Corolla. In fact, the Haynes repair manual doesn't differentiate the two. I have 196,000 miles on my '95 Corolla, and it's still running great. If you do regular oil changes, your sister will have that car for many years.
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