AMSOIL in Canada

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Dec 9, 2003
Forest On
I now can except Visa & M/C on email and phone orders. If you happen to come to my place then I also have debit. Any members who want AMSOIL products from me will recieve a good discount. Any U.S. members should buy from Pablo or MSparks although I can also sell to you. When I send products out, they will be shipped from the closest warehouse to the customer involved.  -  -  -  -  -
There is going to be a price increase both in Canada and the U.S. come the first of October. Better get ready for a rocky road ahead.
Yeehaa. I just got word today that we here in Canada will not be seeing an AMSOIL price increase the first of Oct. On the other hand I hear that petroleum oil's will be taking some big jumps. Again....anyone wanting to order from me please let me know that you are a BITOG member so I will give you the special lower price.
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