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Nov 16, 2002
Is it accurate to say that the following oils can be grouped together by their similar chemistry? : Amsoil S2k 0w-30 2w-50 Amsoil ASL/ATM 5w-30 10w-30 10w-40 Amsoil S3k 5w-30 15w-40 Marine oil. BTW, Amsoil has new boxes now. I'm sure your aware of this and they might have been out for some time, but I ordered my winter 5w-30 oil for my wife's car. They are much nicer but I did notice that Mobil 1 SS is not on one singal comparison chart. NOAK and temperature flow all compare Amsoil to Havoline, Syntec, Philips and Valvoline.
Going by price and names, I would expect the S2k and S3K products to be very similar. I assumed that the S3K was basically S2K with additional additivies for handling diesel contaminates. Again, there are all assumptions on my part.
Buster, The first 2 groupings of Amsoil in your post are similar, with with viscosity the most apparent differance. However, where you mention the S 3000, the 5w/30 (HDD), and the 15w/40 (AME)are quite different in their chemistry. They do have somewhat similar applications, both diesel lubes, and both will do well in a marine enviornment, and both are regularly used in gasoline applications also. My personal choices in my vehicles (gasoline) are HDD 5w/30 in mixed driving. TSO 0w/30 in mostly highway applications, and AME 15w/40 in older vehicles. that are stored alot of the time.
Amsoil S2k 0w-30 20w-50 Somewhat similar because the contain some higher ester level. Other than that, different. Amsoil ASL/ATM/AMO 5w-30 10w-30 10w-40 Similar - I am begining to think the 10W-40 is the best of this group, even though it has the largest "spread". Very simliar AW adds. Amsoil S3k HDD 5w-30 and AME 15w-40 Marine oil. Not really similar, but both have somewhat boosted Ca overbaseing. I think HDD has some level of esters, AME not much or just enough for seals.
Pablo, why do you think the 10w-40 is the best of this group? TS mentioned that it didn't contain any FM's. I remember he ran it in his TT and said it's not the ideal oil for that application. The 10w-40 is a nice oil though.
One thing amout Amsoil (and all marketing hype)they never compare apples to apples in weight, mostly use dino in comparisons, and resulys compare differemt tests etc and always the ones Amsoil excels in. You will never see the ful range of test results on any one oil thye compare to, only the ones where Amsoil comes out on top. Sort of selective reporting. I have never seen redline in any comparison test that they have done nor RP etc.
Spector- AMSOIL has run some comparisons against Redline and RP. They did show against RP 20W-50 on the original Series 2000 20W-50 Racing Oil. Since only a very few folks have ever heard of either of those oils, but lots have heard about Pennzoil, etc, AMSOIL opted to compare against the known brands.
I didn't mention value, but indeed I think the 15W-40 is a great value also. I have read your mention of the 10W-40 AMO shearing in the past. It seems this may happen (I have not observed it, yet) - but the ATM and ASL seem like they thicken up lately - so a slight shear down on AMO may be a good thing. We shall see.
Series 2000/3000 use a very similar chemistry. Series 2000/3000 has a higher ester content along with some newer/updated additive chemistry developed in Europe(the additives had to be shipped in for the first few years) The ASL/ATM/ These oils have the same friction modifiers designed for modern gasoline engines, woudln't use it on a wet clutch. again very similar. AMO-10w40/AME-15w40/ARO-20w50/AMF-10w40/AMV-20w50 are all the EXACT chemisty only difference is the base viscosity. THE AME 15w40 is the best price to performance oil that Amsoil makes if your in a warmer climate it can be used in gas engines, diesels, and motorcycles with wet clutch(contains no friction modifiers) I'm not sure of the 0w40 4cycle oil, I would probably guess it's close to the 0w30 in chemistry probably have to use more of the ester bases to get a good quality 0weighted oil.
Originally posted by buster: Pablo, why do you think the 10w-40 is the best of this group?
I don't necessarliy agree with this, the 10w40 tends to thin out over time compared to the 15w40 AME. unless your looking at extreme cold temps, I would use the AME in place of the AMO any day. AME is less expensive, and is more shear stable becuase it uses less VII's. Best of the group, bar none would be the Series 3000 5w30 or the 0w30 depending on application. (IMHO)
Originally posted by Pablo: I didn't mention value, but indeed I think the 15W-40 is a great value also. I have read your mention of the 10W-40 AMO shearing in the past. It seems this may happen (I have not observed it, yet)
This was only report with the use in my BMW motorcycle over 1 years time and about 9400 miles with no 6 month filter changes. So overall, the 10w40 is pretty good stuff, but for where I live I'd run the 15w40 over the 10w40(though right now I'm running 10w40 in my Triumph Sprint ST only cause most customers woudln't understand "15w40 says diesel on the side and 10w40 says for motorcycles" Duh. Got to run what you would sell your customers!! Gotta sell your customers what they want!!
Buster, The only two formulations that are really close in terms of basestock blend, additive chemistry and the carrier oil for the additives are ASL and ATM. As Mike mentioned, the 10w-40 is SL/CI-4 rated and uses an add pack more like the 15w-40 than the 5w-30 or 10w-30. The Series 2000/3000 use a very different additive chemistry from the regular 5w-30/10w-30/10w-40, even though the additive levels look very similar when you test the stuff ....
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