Amsoil for 15K (a little over a year)

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Jan 27, 2003
Pac NW
That's it! GI Joes has a Mother's Day Coupon 25% off any 2 REGULARLY PRICED items: 2 gallons of Amsoil AME 15W-40 for $24.95 each - 25% = $18.71 per gallon = $4.68 per quart.

Twice the normal Mercedes 7,500 OCI means an estimated 10 quarts (8 normal fill & 2 additional to topoff & after 7,500 filter change) + 2 HENGST filters @ $6.36 delivered ea = $46.80 + 12.72 TOTALS $59.52


3 X 5K oil changes with Delo 15W-40 = 6 gallons at sales price of $5.99 per (say $36) + 3 oil filters ($19.08) TOTALS $55.08

$4.50 additional to use Amsoil for 15K sounds like a good way to go, eh? I have oil and filters stockpiled to last me for the next 45K miles.


Why stop at 15k? Do just 1 validating UOA at 15k on your oil of choice, and you should be set for the rest of the car's life insofar as an interval is concerned.

Usually, if you post a UOA in the UOA section, you can get some fairly good pointers on what an acceptable UOA is. If your UOA shows a high TBN, and low wear after 10k, 20k is usually possible.

I personally consider 25k to be a minimum one should aim for these days on most cars, but there are some exceptions, ie: sludgemonsters or mechanically bad engines.
I sorta' thought twice the manufacturer's recommended interval w/b a good place to start...

maybe some amsoilers would chime in on a good changeover plan... id venture to guess that the first OCi would need to be short (upping cost), but then I see no reason why 15000 wouldnt be OK, given you do some reasonable amount of highway driving... then using UOA, extend from there.

In a clean burning normally aspirated engine the AME will have no problem with the 15K interval.

Sorta close to what I've done for years in my Volvos.

This year I'm doing the ACD 10W-30 diesel oil...and wow the engine really seems to really like this oil.
Pablo, doesn't 10W-30 seem a little on the thin side for a 15 year old Mercedes V8? I know it is a very good oil, but, maybe a little better suited to my SVX?

Now, if I could just find some of THAT stuff at under $5 per quart...

IIRC, ACD is a relatively heavy 30 wt.

the key for you is likely that it meets MB 229.1, regardless of viscosity!

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