Amsoil Euro Classic 5W-40 5.3k miles 99 MB CLK320

Oct 12, 2015
Illinois USA
Hadn't checked it in three years, since I bought it. Previous report was on the oil that was in when I first changed it . No idea on miles/type/etc. This report is Amsoil Classic Euro 5W-40, approved for MB229.5 spec. Car has 147k miles. Runs great, interior great, paint terrible/rusting. Anyway, was tracking what the FSS (Flexible Service System - MB smart OCI) said, compared to the actual miles on the oil. Supposed to be 10k OCI. When I drained this, the FSS said I could go 5900 more miles. Actual miles on oil were 5300, so it should have said 4700 miles to go. So, I would say that as far as the MB FSS system, this oil was doing better than it was supposed to do. Didn't reset the FSS, and it jumped to 7100 miles left with new oil. My guess is that it was factoring time into its calculation. I changed oil because: A - bored smile B - I put a lot of faith in what Kent Bergsma says about old Benz cars, and he recommends reducing OCI to 60% after 120k miles. Oil Change intervals in Old Benz 7:00