Amsoil EaO11 cut open with extras.....

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Dec 19, 2013
San Antonio, Texas
Helped a buddy replace a variable cam timing solenoid the other day on his 2004 Ford f150 5.4 3v......went ahead and changed oil/filter also....engine has 178k on it...been on Amsoil 0w30 full synthetic signature series using the 25k oci's since 30k....I know what I think...tell me what you think..

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Could there be coolant in the oil? I'm not defending Amsoil but I see a green tint in some of the photos and water/coolant can do terrible things. In my humble opinion, 25,000 mile OCI only if a lot of highway and put on quickly.
Yeh the filter looks fine to me... The same as others I have opened , and the same as Greg's ultras at 3k oci.. rofl
A bit of stuff under the cap though... a UOA would have been priceless...
No uoas' ever...engine is healthy except for the solenoid which is the first repair that has ever been done to it and this repair is fairly common on these engines....I personally feel the long oci's is the issue with the darkness and sludge starting..its not real bad but definitley not good..Amsoil marketing at its finest ehhhh....NOT!!!..
A blind 25k interval without analysis is foolish. It might be perfectly fine at 15k or so but probably starting to get a big shift in the TBN/TAN relationship sometime after.

Do you have any comments on the viscosity of the oil that was drained out? Was it overly thick from oxidation? Any solids in the drain pan?
I have taken these apart with higher mileage that were cleaner than that using dino with reasonable oil change intervals.
That being said, it has 178k on it, relatively high miles. Many engine die much sooner than this.
If what we are looking at was ACTUALLY really bad.... wouldn't the engine have blown up 100,000 miles ago?
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Is he Normal Service *as Amsoil defines it* or did he just read the front of the bottle and run with it?

Otherwise I'd start looking at a UOA for coolant leak or at the PCV system.

Does it burn any oil?
Agree with previous posters that a UOA is needed, just going 25k without it is not a good idea, and that based on the appearance of the internals the interval should be shortened.

I'm sure it might have been fine with all highway, but don't think that was his driving habit.

But, for 25k intervals for 140k, not as bad as you might think.
Actually is looks good for 6 oil changes. It will be interesting to see the 350,000 mile inspection pics. Who cares if the engine is worn out when the truck is salvaged.
I'm not liking what I see at all
That ADBV is wayyy off

I'd run a few shorter OCI's on cheaper oil to see if that cleans it up. I'd do a UOA for Silicon/Coolant triple time.
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