Amsoil Dominator 15W50, 5k mi OCI, 28.4k mi, C7 Corvette Z06

Apr 9, 2013
Philadelphia, PA
All mileage is in kilometers not miles. The engine developed a 30% loss of compression in cylinder #1, so it's being rebuilt. Upon opening the engine, it was observed there was detonation damage to the head and broken ring lands on the piston in that cylinder. This oil sample was taken from the oil filter after the engine had failed. I will post further UOAs from the rebuilt engine under a different vehicle moniker (modified LT4 in C7 Z06). The major change is that it's going to go from a 6.2L displacement to 7.0L with a 2.65L supercharger (the OEM supercharger is 1.74L). This will allow for a lower boost which should hopefully work better in my track use.

Please note when I change the engine oil, there's still 2-3 qts of the original oil in the coolers, so use that to correct any additive readings with the previous fill.

Sorry to hear about the engine damage but you are taking the opportunity to get more power out of the beast !! , You da man!
So not all Amsoil oils have tons of moly? For some reason I was thinking they all do.
if i were spending $$ on boutique oil it would be redline! good luck with your rebuild!! even though newer vette engines are said to be hand built a better well equipped race shop should improve things as the parts used are NOT specd by GM's beancounters!!
The car was tuned. I thought I picked a good "speed shop", turns out I didn't. The engine builder being used now is much more reputable, but much farther. Though, I will go over their tune with a fine-tooth comb. I'm also having a secondary knock detection system installed, with an aftermarket dash controller to watch everything and alert me independently if any of the parameters go out of range (oil pressure+temperature, coolant temperature, knock counts on individual cylinders, etc.), as well as permanently installed wideband AFR sensors to make sure commanded equals measured AFR.
No good and sorry to hear this. Just curious but what brand fuel and octane do you use?

7.0 is going to be a beast compared to what you had.
I usually just stick to 93 octane from any high volume station nearby at the track. The engine is being designed to run on 93 and not knock. E85 isn't really available in the Northeast and I don't want to go to 100 octane as the engine will have plenty of power and I want to drive it on the street as well.

For the 7.0L, we are going to keep an idle friendly cam, and use the larger supercharger to get the higher airflow needed under track conditions. The engine is basically getting over-engineered, so it gives me a long lifetime, it's not a race engine since it's not going to be a maximum effort engine. It's a track capable engine that I want to keep for a while, but uses race engine designs to target reliability over peak power.